Friday, 15 December 2017

Governor Dankwambo explains rationale for central motor park

Gombe State Governor, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, has explained that curbing incessant tanker accidents and tackling security challenges in the state compelled his administration to construct a tanker bay and central motor park at different parts in the state capital.

Dankwambo also declared that as a matter of policy, the state government does not do direct labour, stressing that “we go through due process, get competent person to do it, and all our jobs are done through contract award. But the most important thing in contracts awards is supervision, and we supervise very well.”
Speaking to The Guardian in an interview, the Gombe State chief executive pointed out that the fact that Gombe, the state capital lies on a slope, virtually everyday two or more accidents happen with many lives wasted.
“I cannot relocate Gombe from where it is now, but I can do something to minimize the accident and loss of lives that were happening, that was why we created a tanker bay.
“And from our experience to check insecurity, there were so many soft targets, because we have a lot of stations where people go to board buses and there was nothing we could do because they are all within heavily densely populated area, so we decided on the central motor park,” he said.

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