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The Beautiful Side of Marriage episode 1

I guess we all are tired of reading divorce diary or problem with marriage, it's time we show the singles out their the beautiful side of marriage.
Here is our first story of the series it's the story of Hindatu and her husband Abdul with their 2 children.
My name is Hindatu Yahya. I want to share my LOVE Diary with you. Yes my love diary because its a story of love,happiness and understanding.                          
  I met my husband Abdullahi Hassan Imam while in the university.
Abdullahi was a final year student of Economics at the prestigious Unimaid and I was a public administration student....a jambito. Abdul helped with my registration been in the same faculty so everything was a smooth ride.Ours was love at first sight. Because we felt for each other almost immediately. I could still remember how it all happened I was very tired of been pushed from the que and decided to stay aside until everyone was done because I know eventually I will do the registration. I was very hungry and tired.

The Beautiful Side of Marriage episode 1

I guess we all are tired of reading divorce diary or problem with marriage, it's time we show the singles out there the beautiful side of marriage.
Here is our first story of the series it's the story of Hindatu and her husband Abdul with their 2 children. 
My name is Hindatu Yahya. I want to share my LOVE Diary with you. Yes my love diary because it’s a story of love, happiness and understanding.                            

I met my husband Abdullahi Hassan Imam while in the university.
Abdullahi was a final year student of Economics at the prestigious Unimaid and I was a public administration student....a jambito. Abdul helped with my registration been in the same faculty so everything was a smooth ride.
Ours was love at first sight. Because we felt for each other almost immediately. I could still remember how it all happened I was very tired of been pushed from the que and decided to stay aside until everyone was done because I know eventually I will do the registration. I was very hungry and tired.
Abdul came to pass by and saw me.
The first word he said to me was "Hey" And I couldn't ignore because his voice is an unusual voice soft, husky and manly. I looked up and our eyes met, we were lost for a while and then. He just handed me the bottled water he was holding and said "Here pretty" I couldn't refuse because I was thirsty. And that was it.

We felt in love so much in love, within that short while we were known because we were always together, read together, and ate together. We even won the best couple award. We were so much in love. Abdul is a perfect gentleman unlike other campus guys he has never shown any interest in touching me.
He introduced me to all his friends on campus and they teased him anytime "ina yar babynka"(Abdul was 9yrs older than me) He enrolled me into night Arabic and qur'anic classes he also attended at the Umma mosque. He never allow me lack anything in fact. His mother liked me so much, she called and even sent me gifts. When I lost my mum Abdul came to our house the first time to pay his condolence and that's how my family knew about him and took to him immediately, it was always smooth with us we never had any nasty fight except once I had too many male friends and Abdul disapproved of that and I wouldn't listen I was a very popular girl on campus.
Abdul never argue he will simply talk to you politely but he has a bad temper and can bear grudge.

And that was what happened. He simply sat me down one day and said to me "Hindu I love you and can do anything to keep you" I nodded my head in affirmation. He held my hands the first time ever and said "You know am a very jealous lover and I can't stand seeing you with just any dick, tom n harry. simply put, I don't like your popularity or your association with them. I am a man I know what am talking about “he paused and continued "you are an extraordinary lady, you are expensive you are not supposed to act cheap, please maintain your dignity please" he concluded trying to maintain an eye contact with me. We sat down like that for a moment until the silent became unbearable.
I decided to break the silence been young(I was just 18yrs) and not thinking straight and the fact that I know Abdul loved me I just said "well if you don't want me with them you can just leave.  they are my friends and I cannot leave them because of you" I said on a final note and stood up to go. He sat up and stood facing me he held my shoulders trying to look into my eyes, but I avoided eye contact with him.

After taking a long sigh he simply said" is that what you want?" I was shocked because that's not what I expected I thought he would bani hakuri and then say sorry. So i kept quite and made to go but he was still holding my shoulders tight. I started struggling to get free from his hold and he let me go.
We avoided each other for a whole week but I could still remember how I was burning to see him or hear his voice, I cried and wished I didn't tell him that.

On the 7th day I had 7 o'clock lectures and the lecturer was very strict. I was about entering the lecture hall and Abdul appeared, I almost bumped into him, what a relief and I can see he too was affected. He didn't say anything but just handed me my breakfast, because he always bring me breakfast, since most of my lectures are 7oclock. without a word I collected he simply looked into my eyes and said “I missed baby na" I couldn't hold a smile because I always liked the way he called me "baby na". That was the end of our disagreement. And I indeed changed.                                
       We got married after my graduation and Abdul has gotten a job already with one of the new generation banks.          

Ours was a perfect union the way we feel for each other never change we had 2 adorable daughters. We understood each other so much, we trusted ourselves, we were always like newlyweds we were always missing each other when we are apart. We text and call like saurayi da budurwa we fight but make up immediately.
Do you know how that happened? Well the basis of all was communication we don't hold things up. We created that. Abdul is not a talking type, he is more of an introvert, but with time I changed him I taught him to open up to me and thank God I was able to change his habit of holding grudge.

The only thing I couldn't deal with was his temper, so I learned to control my own if his is up. I could remember on our first night unlike the usual tradition of spending it trying to prove honor and love, we spent on getting to know ourselves. We talked and talked about everything it was just like meeting for the first time. For that was the real thing, we talked about our likes, dislikes, what we want etc.
We have been married for 8yrs am not working and I don't mind Abdul takes care of me and make sure I lack nothing.                               

And then things started changing between us I got introduced and got addicted to social networks, and was always on them. At first Abdul didn't mind, because he is not always home so he understood and let me be. But then my devotion to the social media became alarming I abandoned my responsibilities and keep late nights chatting with friends on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Abdul was angry but giving me silent treatment.

One day I slept off and he took my phone to plug it  for me and then a message popped in and he opened it instinctively. Because I can testify Abdul doesn't snoop on me. It was from one of my former class mate Aminu. We were not talking about anything really Abdul knew him well. Abdul was very angry he woke me up he looked at me hard with the anger I have never seen on them. He just simply handed me the phone and all hell broke loose ta inda yake shiga ba ta nan yake fita ba.it was like this is a different man from my own Abdul I've never seen him this angry. He shook me too hard as if shaking back my senses and uttered loudly his voice louder than usual and echoed in the silent of the night "Tell me where I went wrong? Is it because of the freedom I gave you that you chose to override or take for granted? Or is it because I trusted, love and care about you beyond all odds? Or is it because am soft on you? or don't I know how to chat? I warned you stay away from the social media. don't ruin our beautiful life I beg you" I still didn't say anything for that was my own method when he is angry I keep quite. We both didn't sleep much that night and in the morning he didn't even answer my greetings, he just walked out to work without a word.
By 2pm he sent me a text that he will be travelling to Lagos for a seminar and will be back in 4 days. it was unusual because I usually parked his luggage while travelling, anyway I parked his luggage with some notes containing sweet messages with apologies too, but he never come to get them.

I was very worried he neither calls nor text in fact doesn’t pick or reply my texts and calls. Then I sat down and had a long talk with myself. I resolved to get off all social networks until he approves or understood my intentions because I do gain a lot from the social media. I wrote to him and apologized and reiterated my undying love, how his silent treatment is killing me softly and tearing my whole life with his absence, and the promise to leave social networks.
I couldn't believe he called me immediately and said he is on his way. Know why he did that? Because he believes in me I don't lie to him and always stand up to my words and vice versa. He came in by 4pm.
Everything was prepared for him his favorites to make up. And I was all dressed up beautifully and my girls too.

When I opened the door my heart skipped a beat like my first time of seeing him, because I missed him a lot. He smiled and said "can I come in "I blushed and said "sorry I was carried away" He swept me off my feet and say "I missed baby na"I smiled and we were lost, jolted back to reality by our little daughter Amrah in her small voice saying "Abie inace nice babynka ba Ummie ba ko "we exchanged knowing looks and smiled. Afnan our first daughter was busy snapping pictures. I looked at her hard and said "ban wayata uwar karambani kawai".

Abdul just looked at me with the deepest love I have ever seen in his eyes and laughed out and said pointing at us "Like mother like daughter" I just smiled and said "Ruwan wankanka zaiyi sanyi".  Thank you for reading my story..
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.
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Trial of a New Bride episode 11

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Trial of a New Bride episode ...  11

Indo tried opening her mouth to say something, but the lawyer quickly held her hand, stopping her.“don’t say anything. The officer is bluffing. He’s trying to make you say something that could incriminate you” he said to her before facing detective Chiroma.“if you really have the evidence to arrest my client, then go ahead, arrest her. But if you don’t, then shut the f--k up and do your goddamn work. Mind you, time is running out and you have only two days.

The next time you will see me will be in court” he threatened, shocking the detective with his words.Of course not only the detective was shocked, I equally was very shocked because E
Indon Kauye was probably seconds away from confessing or making an unguided comment before the lawyer recovered himself and stopped her.“two days officer, You have just two days, else i will tear you apart in court” the lawyer threatened and dragged Indo out of the office.“we were just close to making a breakthrough d--n” the detective hissed with despair after they left.“so what next?” i asked with fear. He breathed deeply, opened the case file on his table, went through it and shook his head.“things are slowly adding up in your favour but we don’t have time on our side. We surely need a miracle” he replied, looked up at me and smiled to make me feel relaxed but i surely wasn’t.“remember we talked about the possibility of your husband going out to the garden the night he was killed to either smoke or see someone?” he said while i nodded.“according to the report in this file, there wasn’t any cigarette stick, ashes nor even anything similar found at the garden which then leaves us with one theory. He went out there to see someone, probably Indon Kauye, before a stronger person grabbed him from behind and stabbed him” he concluded.“how then do we find the mystery man that struck the fatal blow which killed my husband?” i asked desperately.

The detective shrugged.“that’s what i’m saying, we need more time, as it stands, Indo alone probably holds all the answers but we can’t touch her” he replied with resignation. Tears instantly dropped from my eyes.The police had every reason to detain Indon Kauye but couldn’t because she is rich. Instead i was the person being detained without due process. How bad can things get??

To be continued.

Continuation of Halaccin Sarauta episode 18

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"So am the fool here" yadanyi murmushi sannan yace "Kinda" zama yayi agefen gadon yayinda itama tamike tazauna, "meyasa kika kasheshi? Kinsan hukuncin kisa?" Kallonshi tayi a harzuke sannan tace "meye zakawani ce nakasheshi? Sharri zakamin?" "Idan ba ke kika kasheshiba toh waye?, yayi daidai ma domin kuwa bashi yakashe baba ba!, bakuma sarki bane" zare ido tayi jin yace bashi yakasheshiba , sannan jin kuma bashi yakashe mahaifinsu ba toh waye? , "keda kike zaune anan fiye da watanni ni acikin sati nazo nasamu labarin dakika garara samowa,"

"Yoo toh ai kai namiji ne ka manta? Zaka iya shiga ka fita duk inda kakeso, nikuwa mace inada limits," "ba abunda ke tafe dani ba kenan, gidannan zaki tattara kibarshi acikin satinnan, kikoma gydan inna nagayamata zaki koma,kina ya'mace kina zaune ke kadai, in wani abu yafaru fa, kinje kin koyo halin yahudawa," "Nifa zaka takuramin wallahi, kaida kaje can wani bariki ne baka koyo ba, angayamaka bana lura dakai da abdullahi ne? Kuma akanme zanje gun inna? Nasan da ita ai naki zuwa" "So kike kizauna saboda wannan katon yusuf din yana zuwa kuna rufe daki kubiyu ko? Mekuke ayyanawa?" "Awhhhsh yayah kanada zato, nifa ba abunda yataba hadani dashi!" "Ki rantse baitaba rike yatsanki ba" "Ae baitaba ba" tana fada tana murkuda baki, hannu yasa ya riko kunnenta tareda cewa "ko ki tattara ko namiki duka" "Wayyo yayah sakemin kunne zafi," yasake tacigaba da murguda masa baki tana tattare wayoyinta "nikam ka fita wallahi, duk kazo ka takurani"

"Ba inda zanje, ki zauna ki sauraren, waziri baya gari lokacin da akayi kisan baba, wanda hakan yana nuna baisan da labari ba, alokacin yaje taaziyan mahaifin matarsa, dole mukara tsananta bincike," "Toh naji katafi sai anjima"

Mikewa yayi yafice tareda murmushi rufo kofan tayi, tazauna tana tunani tasan yadda yafara maganan nan bazai barta ba saiyasamu biyan bukata, duk yana nema yatakurata tana zaman lafiyata, yusuf ne yashigo fuska a murtuke ganin yazauna bai kulataba tace "meye kashigomin kaman gunki" Bai kulataba sai haki dayakeyi ganin zai bata mata lokaci tadauko jakanta sannan tafito harzata wuceshi yamike yarufo kofar, ganin yatsaya kaman gunkin gasken, ta harzuka sosai tabugeshi da zummar tawuce hannu daya yasa ya bangeta, saigata a kan gado, yakoma yazauna akan kujera sannan yafara "Aliya kinsan inasonki, kuma bana danganta soyayyanki dakomi, aliya meyasa kike min haka? Meye tsakaninki da sufyan yanzu naga yafito daga gydannan? Dama dalilinki nazama a fada kenan don ku shaku dashi? Meyasa kike haka aliya? Kina wahalar min da zuciya" Dariya tayi tareda cewa "sufyan fa kace," Mikewa yayi yabuga table din dake gabansa dakarfi sannan yafice binshi tayi da kallo don mamaki take harta mike tafito saigashi yadawo rike kanta yayi dakarfi, yaki sakewa, gashinta nazafi tanacewa "yarima ka saken, dazafi nace kasaken.

To be continue insha Allah

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The Trial of a New Bride episode 8 & 9 May 25

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Trials of a New Bride episode ... 8 .:
“You have to hold on tight dear, we are getting you out in no time. Detective Chiroma promised to give you special treatment. So just hold on for a little longer” my brother begged before leaving with my dad.

However my day never had a dull moment because soon after they left, two of my colleagues came to see me as if they cared. I already knew they simply came to confirm things with their eyes, but that’s one of the things in life we have no control over.
No matter what we do, we must have haters, we must have people who pretend to care and we also must have people whose only motive is to bring you down.

Later in the afternoon, my friend Nana also came to see me. It really was painful receiving such visits in a police cell.
Yea you guys should just for a moment reflect how it feels to be receiving your friends and colleagues, days after your wedding in a police cell. Horrible isn’t it??.

Nana shed real tears on seeing me, her face coloured deeply. The shock in her very apparent.
“I heard Rumours, I never believed till this very moment” she said quietly. I swallowed hard and nodded.

Nana was my old time pal. We attended the same university, stayed in the same hostel and did our Nysc the same time, though in different states. Her parents were a bit wealthy and lived in the capital city. She returned to live with them after Nysc while i came over to live with my brother. However i was fortunate to get a good job while she managed a little teaching job in her neighbourhood. We still remained very close even after we disagreed over Suleiman. She was of the opinion that i was being overly ambitious, insisting that i was throwing away my life for money. I guess she was right?, but she merely objected to my relationship with Suleiman simply because i dropped my young boyfriend whom she much preferred, in order to move on with Suleiman.

Yea Ahmad was the boy’s name, we were age mates and equally served {NYSC} the same time. He was a good kid but c’mon i couldn’t waste my future by waiting for him. He was even yet to get a job till the very moment i landed in the police cell.
Ahmad had a lot to do before thinking of settling down and i couldn’t take the risk of waiting for him. At least i was good enough to keep him till we rounded up with Nysc unlike some of my course mates who dumped their boyfriends to get married in final year.

“Suleiman brought only trouble just like i feared. My God this is a terrible Nightmare” Nana sobbed. I simply stared at her, not knowing what to say. But just that exact second, detective Chiroma showed up with a dark smile.

“you may not like the news i bear” he announced and came forward while i almost fainted with fear…. I couldn’t bear taking another bad news.

Episode 9

"officer i'm all ears, tell me the news you bear" i asked with fear. The detective threw a swift look at Nana who shifted uneasily.
"well i don't think now it's a good time. It's something private" he replied, forcing me to smile quickly.
"Nana is like a sister to me. She knows almost everything about me. You can say anything in her presence" i urged him nervously.

"Indon Kauye" he instantly called out, searching my face for any reaction. But the name he mentioned only drew me into another pit of confusion. The name sounded so strange and unfamiliar.
"i don't understand, i haven't heard such name anywhere" i breathed with confusion.

"that's the name of your husband's fiancee. A Fulani lady he was supposed to Marry. The lady he left to marry you in order to fulfill the promise he made to you" he explained. A cold shiver instantly ran down my spine.
"so are you insinuating that Suleiman married me just to fulfill a promise?" i asked sadly, "well I never knew he was engaged to any woman, seriously i thought all the ladies he played were just flings"

I murmured. "that's not the problem" he continued, breathing deeply.
"the lady in question is currently in Azare and was among the people that came into Bauchi with your husband's family and equally was present at the house when the crime was committed" he explained, while i stared at him with a little hope.

"that isn't bad news, is it?. The lady definitely killed him. She had the motive and opportunity. Unbelievable" i poured out desperately but the Detective Chiroma simply shrugged.
"yes she has the motive and opportunity, but we can't just arrest her without strong reason. All i can do is to invite her for a little questioning and equally pray she doesn't lawyer up" he answered, breaking my worn out spirit.

"however we are still matching the DNA stuff we got from the scene and your husband's body. I believe something positive will come out of it, but my only problem is that my superiors are putting much weight and interest in this case. They are pushing for closure and speedy trial which really will put you up as the scapegoat, if you are to be dragged to court without me finishing my investigations. You really need to pray my dear. You know how bad our Judicial system can be, moreover his family wants you hang" he concluded, while my heart froze.
I instantly fell, collapsing on the floor within seconds....
I fainted.

To Be Continue insha Allah on Saturday

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Halaccin Sarauta episode 15 May 25th 2016

Continuation of Halaccin Sarauta episode 15

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Fitanshi baikai awa daya ba saigashi da bilkisu,tana shigowa aliya tajata suka shiga daki tabarshi a falo, shigansu bilkisu tayi mamaki kwarai, kallon gidan takeyi dakuma aliya wacce taga wautanta na rashin gane aliya tunfarko, tabbas aliya batayu kama da baiwa ba idan tayi laakari da yanayinta, aliya ta numfasa sannan tace " kiyi hakuri bilkisu ke kadai na yarda inasokitaimakeni, anma saikinmin alkwari cewa har mutuwarki babu wanda zaki fadawa" bilki tayi shiru,azaman duniya idan ana kirga masu sonta tasan dole aliya tazo aciki, domin ta taimaketa sosai donhaka batareda wani tunani ba tanuna amincewarta anan aliya ta fara kissamata labarinta daga farko har karshe akan waccece ita, dakuma dalilinta nazuwa fada!, bilkisu ta tsorata sosai don bata taba kawo haka arantaba, anan taroki bilki datazama idonta acikin fada, bilki babu gardama ta amince aikuwa aliya ta mata alfarman komeye takeso zata mata, dawannan suka fito yusuf na falo har bacci yafara kwasansa domin sun dade adakin, bilki tafito haka yamayar da ita kamar yadda ya fito da ita, dawowansa yasami aliya na kallo shi abun na damunsa toh batada yanuwane suka barta take wannan garajen? Kayan kasada? Hakadai yazauna akujera yadurkusa dakanshi takaleshi ganin yadda yayi tace "meye ka sunkuyar dakanka kaman shege a rabon gado" abun yabashi dariya anma yadaure fuska bai tanka ba, ganin haka yasa itama ta tsuke tareda cewa "alakarmu bazata yiwuba inhar bakadena shaye shaye ba, daga yau kadena!" Yayi shiru yana kallonta ko falmata datace yabar shaye shaye tana masa fada baitabajin yadena ba sai ranan, yasa aranshi bazaikara shan wani abuba, "insha Allah nadena" jinhaka yasa tasake masa sukadanyi tadi duk maitarsa nason sanin meye plans dinta taki fadamishi, anan yake cemata auren abdullahi bayan sallah, ta ce "ni yakamata nashiga kasuwa ma saboda banda kayan azumi ko kadan, muje karakani" aikuwa suka fice tsum dogon riga iya gwiwa dakuma wando takara sawa sannan sukafito yakalleta dakyau azucinyanshi yace "wannan yarinyar yarbariki ne wlh" kaman tashiga zuciyansa tace"karkayi tunanin ni yar bariki ce, nayi rayuwar kudu" yayi murmushi tareda cewa "kinyi kyau" dakafa suka taka har kasuwa shikam har kafofinsa sunfara ciwo yasan yau sai yayi jinyansu amma itakuwa ko ajikinta tasaba , suka siya komi don inhar zata mika kudi shiyake mikawa, ganin zai rainata tace "nifa ba irin yanmatanku bane na zamani dazakuna kashewa kudi donku siya zuciyarsu" yayi murmushi sannan yace "oh mata dai, yanzu da bansayaba zakije kice yarima guda dan sarki anma haka yabarni nasa kudi nasiya tsabar rowa" abun yabata dariya tace " toh aiku mazanne hannunku kaman kuna ajiyeshi agydakafin inbanda haka ai kasan shi kyauta yana kara dankon zumunci, zuciya tanason mai taimaka mata, ko mata da mijine wlh inkana kyautata mata darajanka dabanne, aanma wasunku sai balain rowan tsiya, wani lokacin kunsan mace tafi karfin abu duk dahaka kumata mana, ko bazata karba ba. Anma wai saikuce kuna gwadata ne, waxaku rainawa hankali, gwara kanayi kana ihsani," tabashi dariya nan yakara tabbatarwa macece mai experience na rayuwa, anma yadanne ransa yace " samarin g.s.u marowata ne kenan?" Kut wlh a a, mukam yan gombe akwai kyauta" "Ta ina kika zama yar gombe????" "Oho dai gwaramu kaida kagama a.t.b.u samarin atbu neda rowa" "Allah kije kiga mu har mota muna saya" "Ae naji wannan zubairun" Ganin me masara sukayi ta tsaya tana dubawa tadauko daya tabashi tareda cewa "Ci" yakarba ya gutsura " hmmm dadi" Suna tafiya sunaci baisaba ba duk saiyajishi a tsarge anma yahadu da yar tasha yazaiyi da rayuwansa?" Gyda suka nufa kicin suka ajiye na ajiyewa sannan suka fito, yamata sallama yanufi gyda Tun ranan suka soma shakuwarsu har azumi tashigo shine yarage zuwa don yana wuni bacci ne, aliya kuwa alokacin takafa ibadunta, tanajin labari lokaci lokaci agun bilki idan tasa yusuf yadaukota, falmata bata canjaba, donhaka aliyama bata ajiye kudirinta ba, aliya tayiwa bilki kayan sallah, yayinda shima yusuf haka yasiyo akwati guda yaciko da kaya yakawo mata, taki karba anma ya ajiye yafice yabarta, taji dadi koba komi her first love worth it, ayanzu son datakewa yusuf yawuce duk wani tunaninta, akullum addua take Allah yabarsu tare, Yusuf kuwa satin farko shiru baisha giyaba , ana shiga nabiyu yafara canjawa, kana ganinsa kaga marar lafiya watarana ansha ruwa yashigo gun aliya anan yazauna kaman zaimutu tayi tambayan duniya anma yace mata bakomi, bata rabu dashiba harsai da ya rike cikinsa yana cewa "aliya ki gafarceni, kishi nakeji " dasauri tadauko masa ruwa yasha anma ya girgiza kai alamun bashibane alokacintagane meyake nufi, babu giya agidan duk tarude "karka mutu bazaka mutuba, Allah yaga zuciyarka kaci gaba da danneea" idonsa yayi jajur, duk yafita hayyacinsa batasan lokacin data fitaba, giyan taje tasiyo takawo mai tareda cewa gashi kasha kadan, ahaka harka bari" yakalleta idon jajur yace "nariga nayi alkawari bazan kara shaba, kibari kawai" hakan yasa ta je toilet tajuye gaba daya tafito sai karfe gomandare sannan yasamu kanshi yakoma gyda nanma yaje yakara tarar dawani tashin hankalindon falmata cewa tayi yaje shan giya baikulata ba hartagama hargowanta tafice anan kuma labari ya iso mata cewa kullum ana ganinsa tareda wata, nan ta bukaci a dubo mata wayene! Dukkan sarakunan gari ancika makil a fada, donyin council meeting wanda akeyi kowani laraba, masu sarautan duk kowa yazauna don a tattauna matsalolin al umma dake faruwa, inda anan aka shigo musu da kayan sha da ciye ciye, sungama lafiya inda waziri yasanar da auren abdullahi dazaayi a sati mai xuw, sannan yamusu barka da sallah, zaikoma yazauna sai yafara rike wuya yana muzurai, duk hankalin kowa yayi kanshi anan yakwanta yana muzurai, farin yawu yafara fitarwa, tuni aka nemo likita anma kafin ya iso, waziri yace ga garinku Labari tuni yazaga gari aliya wacce ta idar da karatun quraninta taga yusuf yashigo a birkice idonss jajur yana cewa"aliya nasan kinzo daukan fansa ne anma kina mace meya hadaki da kisa?" Takalleshi tareda cewa "wana kashe? Sannan meyasa zanyi kisan?" "Karki rainamin hankali waya kashe waziri?" Mikewa tayi zummur tareda dafa kirji"yarasu? Alhndlh? Amma waye haka yataimaken? Kenan bani kadai bace me harinsa" "Abunda zakice kenan? Ke wato kin kwashe kayanki agaban manzo" "Bawani kwashe kaya. Wlh bani bane, anma inaso nasan waye, burinmu daya, ni nayi niyan kashe waziri anma bada hannuna ba, naso nabi hanyar da hukuma zata hukuntashi, nawa tona masa asiri ne kawai" Ficewa yayi yabarta "Aliya tuni tafara tunani, azumi na garata anma haka tamike taji wayam batajin yunwa, duk ta kagu tasan waye mai tayata aikinnan, Wayarta ce tayikara daukan dazatayi taga antynta ne "Aliya ki saurareni kiji yayanki yazo yadamu ingayamasainda kike naki fada jin kince kar infada kowa, anma kuma yanemoki donhaka kizama ashiri zai iya samunki kibi ahankali don yadau alwashin kashe su ne acewarsa kina bata lokaci" Aliya tayi kufum kafin tace "wani yaya? Dama imada yayane? Yaushe aka haifeshi? Ina yatafi tuntuni?

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Photos : Free Zakzaky Protest continues in Kano

In Kano, Nigeria the continued call for the unconditional released of held leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) was made during a rally after the Friday prayers at Fagge Jumma'at Mosque, Kano city (May 20th, 2016). Sheikh Sunusi Abdul Kadir spoke at the Rally. Mal Sunusi in his speech reitrated that supporters never fold arms or keep mute against any form of tyranny and oppression. He said 'today we stage a rally calling for the call for the unconditional release of Shaikh Zakzaky and other demands of the IMN statedsince after the December 12-14th Zaria Massacre.'He also posed a logically question ; 'Why is always the government of the day so worried about Shaikh Zakzaky and his Movement which call people to the way of Allah?'A prayer session was conducted before Mal Sunusi speech at the rally. Academic forum ofthe Islamic Movement, Kano Zone held another Free Zakzaky rally late in the afternoon in the central Business district of Kano, Sabon gari.

Dangote Flour Reopens Kano Plant, Saves 3,000 Jobs

Dangote Flour Mills has reopened its plant in Kano, saving the jobs of 3,000 workers who depend on the firm for their sustenance.The plant was shut down by Tiger Branded Consumer Goods of South Africa following its acquisition of the flour mill.As part of its restructuring process for greater market share, the reopening ceremony and commissioning of new machinery at the plant location in Kano also witnessed the rewarding of distributors at various categories.Speaking at the commissioning of the plant in Kano at the weekend, president/chief executive, Dangote Group Ltd, Aliko Dangote, assured stakeholders that the mill is back for production and will not be shut down again."I would like to assure you that we are back for good and we will never close this mill again. It has always been my desire to increase our investments in Kano. We are also looking forward to venturing into farming in the state where we can create a lot of jobs, and I think this flour mill will helpus achieve this feat in Kano."Kano is very strategic because most of our products, be it flour, sugar, pasta, enjoy a lotof patronage and support. I want to announce that we have successfully re-engineered Dangote Flour Mill so as to meet the emerging challenges in the marketplace and also to meet the ever changing demands of our esteemed and loyal consumers."We decided to make this investment in November when Tiger Branded Consumer Goods decided to leave the country and we do not want over 3000 jobs to be lost. You can imagine these 3000 people going back into the job market in Nigeria. So we decided to seek ways to assist to ensure that these jobs are secured by injecting fresh cash of about N10 billion into the business."Our return to Kano is actually a sign of good things to come and it is our hope that, by this move, we will create thousands of employment in the state, and not just in flour but other products."Very soon we will start growing wheat in Kano. I want to assure our customers that we will continue to support you to make sure that we assist you with the necessary things needed to make your businesses a lot easier and more profitable."I am looking forward to you supporting the entire team to make sure the company surpasses its target of 900,000 metric tonnes of wheat yearly. I want to assure youthat with the new board we have, this company will definitely excel with or withoutmy presence", he added.Chairman, Dangote Flour Mills Plc, Ighodalo Asue noted that Kano remains one of the firm's biggest markets and the managementis happy to be reinvigorating the plant."We bought back Dangote Flour Mill from Tiger Branded and by this move, it means we have a stronger, better sophisticated andmore focused Dangote Flour Mills."Since the takeover, we have taken a lot steps to reposition the company through expansion to drive growth. We are also using this medium to restate our commitment to increasing our shareholdersvalue and our dear customers."Let me assure you that we will continue to invest in the state and other parts of the country and even beyond the country, because we believe in job and wealth creation. It is our hope that our return to Kano will create more job opportunities and impact positively on the economy of the state."He further commended Aliko Dangote for his investment in Dangote Flour Mills."A few months ago when Tiger Branded Company was going to leave the country, it appeared that the fate of the company was in jeopardy, but Aliko Dangote's decision to buy back the company has saved the jobs of about 3,000 employees and the shares ofover a million shareholders. More importantly, the multiplier effect of his investment in the country is immeasurable",he said.

Kaduna Refinery Shut Down Over Non-Supply of Crude Oil

The Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) has stop production following renewed activities of Niger Delta militants.Our Correspondent gathered that the Kaduna refinery stopped production last week Tuesday over what a source attributedto lack of crude oil.According to the source, "we have shut down production for now. We do not have crude supply, am sure it is due to the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta region."The source however assured that the refinery has enough Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in reserve pending when they would start getting supply of the crude."We will resume production as soon as we started getting crude supply from the Niger Delta. We are ready and our equipment are functional, the only problem now is the crude," said our source.The Refinery only resumed production late April during the fuel scarcity period.

Kaduna PDP To Makarfi: We’re Solidly Behind You

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State has pledged its support to the newly appointed chairman, National Caretaker Committee of the party and former governor of the state, Senator Ahmed Makarfi.Makarfi was appointed to head the committee via a voice vote, following the sack of the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP, during last Saturday’s national convention of the party, held at the Sharks Football Club Stadium, Port Harcourt.Addressing delegates from Kaduna State weekend in Port Harcourt, chairman of PDP in the state, Mr. Hassan Hyat, declared that every member of the party in the state will automatically become a foot-soldier of Makarfi to enable him succeed in his new assignment.Hyat said, “Why we are talking is because we want to tell the world that the PDP family in Kaduna State is solidly behind him in this new assignment and we will move with him step by step until he achieves the result of this assignment he has been given.“All of us in Kaduna State, especially we that are party officials and elected members and faithful members of the party, we are automatically his foot soldiers. None of us is going to have any rest until he has concluded the assignment given to him in the next three months.”The PDP chairman described the emergence of Makarfi as the handiwork of God, saying the state has been crowned with the responsibility of refocusing the party within three months.He said, “The appointment of distinguishedSenator Ahmed Makarfi was not something that any one of us dreamt about. We didn’t come to Port Harcourt to contest any election, but God, by His magnanimity decided to crown Kaduna State with the responsibility of refocusing the party, our party, the great party, PDP, that everybody is proud of.“In doing that, it comes to mind what everybody knows that gold fish has no hiding place. By this time yesterday, nobody among us knew that we will wake up today by having our leader, our respected leader, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Ahmed Makarfi, becoming the interim Chairman of the caretaker committee for three months.“We know that recognitions are based on certain criteria; we that are from Kaduna State, we that have been participating in politics in Kaduna State and the whole people of Kaduna State are aware of the qualities of our new party leader. I had course to tell some people if you give Senator Makarfi one month to reschedule a convention, he is going to do it successfully. So he has been given three months.”

El-Rufai Completes Yakowa Bridge Project

After over two years of neglect by the immediate past administration, Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai has finally completed the Romi-Karatudu Bridge awarded by late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.The governor had during the electioneeringcampaigns pledged to complete all abandoned projects awarded by the late governor if he emerged victorious.According to residents, the contractor, TigerCat Construction Company completed the bridge February this year and opened it for use same month.The project is among one of the 32 roads’ contracts  awarded in October, 2012 by theLate Kaduna governor, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa .Our correspondent however gathered that after the Late Yakow died in an ill-fated helicopter crash near Nembe , Bayelsa  State, in December , 2012, most of the roads contracts, including the Romi-Karatudu-Kakau road were abandoned, due to lack of funds.Engineer Joseph Onche, who was the site engineer in a chat with newsmen said  completion of the  190 meters bridge project , which is part of  the six kilometresRomi-Karadu-Kakau Yakowa road  project was made possible by  Governor el-Rufai.He said, “We returned to site November, 2015 after Governor Nasir el-Rufai checkedthe work and saw that there was need to complete the work. I think he understood the importance of the road to the people ofthe area.“ Since then his government has been making response to the payments . But because , we exceeded the contract duration, the government has completely withdrawn mobilisation. And that for us is another double loss. Now, we are working and claiming as we work.The difference is that with mobilisation there is power to move at very fast pace.“We returned to site November last year and by February we complete it for use .”

Police close PDP office as Modu Sheriff fights back

The police yesterday sealed off Wadata Plaza, headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja.It is all in a bid to prevent the party’s crisis fromgrowing. But ousted National Chairman Ali Modu Sheriff met with his strategists in Abuja and vowed not to surrender his mandate.Sheriff’s camp has also vowed to deny factional National chairmen Ahmed Makarfi and Sen. Ibrahim Mantu access to the secretariat.Sheriff and his loyalists were contemplating a court action last night, although a decision wasyet to be reached as at the time of filing this report.To show his determination for a fight to the finish, Sheriff shunned calls from Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose.The governor was said to have called Sheriff many times but the deposed chairman spurnedthe entreaties which he termed as “medicine after death”.The battle may be dirtier because Fayose’s ally,Sen. Kashamu Buruji, turned back emissaries sent to him by the governor on the way forwardfor the party.Instead, Kashamu opted for a rapprochement with Mantu’s 57-man caretaker committee, witha plea to give Sheriff a second chance at the next National Convention in three months time.Basking in their victory over Sheriff, the MakarfiCaretaker Committee and the Mantu Interim Committee may this week merge “to put PDP ina good shape”.Sheriff met with his loyalists, strategists and some members of the National Working Committee (NWC) to discuss four options:rejection of the imposition of the Caretaker Committee headed by Makarfi because it is a constitutional aberration;probability of seeking an injunction in court to restrain either the Makarfi Committee or the Mantu Committee;Sheriff to continue to operate from the National Secretariat without allowing either of the caretaker chairmen access to the place; andapproaching like-mind leaders of the party  and PDP governors to see reason and allow Sheriff  to remain in office.A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Sheriff met with his strategists and some NWC members on Sunday and they have vowed not to surrender their mandate to either Makarfi or Mantu.“Sheriff told his loyalists that he will do his bestto resist the impunity in the party being championed by some PDP governors.“The battle for the soul of PDP may take a longer time than expected because Sheriff is contemplating a court action to stop Makarfi and Mantu from parading themselves as national chairmen of the party. The two conventions which produced them were illegal.“Neither Makarfi nor Mantu will have access to the National Secretariat of the party.”As at 4pm, Sheriff was still locked in a meeting with his loyalists, including some former governors.The day started on a dramatic note, following entreaties to Sheriff by Fayose.Another source spoke of how Fayose called Sheriff seven times yesterday, but the embittered national chairman shunned his calls. Fayose was one of those who led the revolt against Sheriff in Port Harcourt on Saturday.“We were all shocked that Fayose woke up from the other side of the bed on Sunday to foster a fresh rapprochement with Sheriff, who refused to link up with the governor.“The same Fayose sent emissaries to Sen. Buruji who rejected the team.”Makarfi and Mantu factions may meet on Wednesday to reconcile and merge in the interest of the party.A source in Mantu’s faction said: “Certainly, thetwo factions may meet either on Wednesday or Thursday to harmonise and reconcile. We share the same vision on how to reform the PDP and we have both achieved our objective that a stranger like Sheriff should not lead our party.“At our meeting on Sunday, what we agreed was that we should watch events for some days before we meet and decide on the way forward with the Makarfi group.“The truth is that some of the party leaders behind Makarfi are also members of the Mantu group. Makarfi, Sen. Ben Obi, Prince Dayo Adeyeye and five governors are all in Mantu group. Any reconciliation with Makarfi will be a homecoming for either side.”Responding to a question, the source added: “We are even at advantage because the certificate of registration of PDP as a party is with Mantu group.“If Sheriff locks up the National Secretariat of PDP, we can operate from Legacy House or we will acquire a new secretariat. Let us see who controls the party in the real sense.”The source admitted that Sen. Buruji had reached out to the Mantu group to give Sheriff a second chance.“Through some of his cronies, Kashamu pleaded with us to work with Sheriff. He said Sheriff is not as bad as being painted.“But we sent a message back to Kashamu that he should look elsewhere for reprieve for Sheriff.”A member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) gave seven reasons why the governors and PDP leaders had a rethink on Sheriff.He listed the factors as:refusal to keep to his pledge to end his tenure onMay 21;his candidacy has created a sharp division in PDP which may lead to the final fall of the party;alleged dictatorial tendency of Sheriff including issuance of threats to state chairmen of the party;he might likely run an autocratic party machinerywhich will further divide the PDP; andbeholding the party to some new godfathers like Governor Wike and Senator Buruji who determine what goes on in the party.There are also alleged secret plot to secure the presidential ticket of the party in 2018 because he has allegedly approached some governors to be his running mates and antecedents as an opposition politician have made many PDP leaders to be uncomfortable with him.“I think the fears of playing into the hands of the opposition forced our leaders to make a U-Turn on Saturday. We chose to be cautious, “the BoT member added.

National economic summit holds in Abuja

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, will on Thursday declare open the 1st Nigerian Economic Stakeholders' Summit in Abuja.Dogara will also use the forum to highlight and deepen the sectoral debate on the economy, which is currently taking place in the House, where ministers are engaged by the lawmakers on their policy directions.A statement from the chairman of the planning committee Dr Austin Uganwa, said the submit, which is sponsored by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Pension Commission (PenCom), Sterling Bank and other agencies, is organized by the  African Independent Television (AIT) Money Show and Disciplines of Democracy magazine.He said the theme of the submit is: 'The Nigerian Economy: Navigating a Sustainable Landscape,' adding that the growing economic challenges bedeviling the nation accentuated by the recent increase in the pump price of fuel, informed the resolve to organize the summit.Dr Uganwa added that the event would provide a result-oriented forum for relevant and knowledgeable stakeholders to cross-ventilate thoughts and ideas towards fashioning out an efficient blueprint essential for the Nigerian economy to rebound and flourish.He said other goals of the summit included establishing best approach necessary for the diversification of the economy and identifying new frontiers towards boosting tax-based revenue generation for enhanced national income.

The Trial of a New Bride episode 7 May 23rd 2016

Read the previous episodes here

Trial of a New Bride episode ... 7 .: Stories
By 8am the next day, my brother showed up with my old father and detective Chiroma. They all look very serious and tired. My heart bled as i saw tears form in my old man’s eyes.

“my darling you shouldn’t be here” he breathed painfully. I forced out a smile to assure him that i was alright.

“don’t worry sir, we are coming close to solving this case. I’m working round the clock to make sure i solve the puzzles in the case. In no time your daughter will be out of here” the detective said to him.

“Officer please tell us what you have gotten so far. Tell us how far you have gotten” my brother asked anxiously.

“you know it isn’t in our conduct to be revealing our investigations to people but nevertheless i will tell you guys how far i have gotten” he answered, while my brother nodded desperately.

“i worked on this case all through the night and i came to a conclusion that two people were involved in the murder. Moreover one of the security men in the house admitted seeing a lady head to the garden at the exact time the crime might have been committed” he revealed while i jumped up hopefully.

“you should arrest the lady right away, isn’t the testimony enough to vindicate me?” i asked breathlessly. The detective shook his head and looked down.

“i’m sorry but it isn’t enough. The security man admitted seeing a woman head to the garden. He never said he saw her kill your husband, moreover the knife cut in your husband’s chest was strong and deep. I doubt if any lady can strike so hard. A lady equally can’t be able to drag your husband’s body from the garden to his bedroom unless of course she was assisted. The fracture on his nose equally brought up another fact that the murderer might have sneaked from behind, strongly cut off his breathe by covering his nose and mouth with one hand while burying the knife in his chest. Something a woman will find very hard to do. Anyway we are still running DNA tests which will help us put more things together” he concluded, while i sighed with desperation.

“c’mon can’t you just drill the woman that was spotted at the scene instead of wasting the time we don’t have. Who is the woman, who is she?” i asked curiously. The officer shrugged.

“the security man unfortunately couldn’t identify her. According to him all the women in the house that night looked the same to him” he answered, shook hands with my brother and left.

My father came forward and stared at me for some seconds, tears blinding his vision.
“i’m going to the village today. I’m going to visit the only living sooth sayer in our clan. He can reveal the murderer for us” he informed me slowly. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“dad noooo, you can’t do that. You can’t abandon your Iman believe for my sake. You are a strong dad. It hasn’t gotten to that” i pleaded.

“i can’t sit, watch and do nothing. Your mother barely managed to survive the night. I must do something, i’m still the head and protector of my family” he said strongly. I bit my lips and looked at my brother for support, but all he did was just shrug.
It was obvious they had all agreed on it before visiting me

To Be Continued insha Allah

My question is, How possible is it for the murderer to drop the dead body on the same bed she was lying without waking her up?.

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Photos: Bauchi State Civil Servants protest over non payment of salaries & pensions

Bauchi State Civil Servant have taken to the streets to protest over the non-payment of their salaries and pensions. They started the protest from Games Village and moved to the government house, where they destroyed the banners of Gov. Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, that were located outside. More photos after the cut...According to reports, the civil serbants are protesting due to time spent by the goverment in conducting verification exercises to fish out Ghost workers. The Government embarked on theverification exercise of its workers four months ago, and since then some salaries have been pending.

Sheriff Wanted To Be President, Promised 4 Governors VP, So We Sacked Him: PDP

Why PDP Governors Made U-turn, Dumped SheriffAnayo Onukwugha, By Chibuzo UkaibeThe crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) assumed a new dimension yesterday as governors under the platform of the party, dumped Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff as the nationalchairman of the party.This happened as elders of the party under the aegis of Concerned PDP Stakeholders Forum, led by Prof Jerry Gana, held a parallel national convention in Abuja.According to an inside source, the governors’decision to dump the embattled national chairman, who they had earlier rallied support for, was the aftermath of a discoverythat Sheriff, who is nursing a presidential ambition in 2019, had promised four governors the vice president position.LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that Sheriff’s game caught up with him when the 12 governors elected on the platform of the party upon arrival in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Friday, realised that he (Sheriff) had been talking to four of them, namely; Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Enugu State governor; Dave Umahi, Ebonyi State governor, Ayo Fayose, Ekiti State governor and Nyesom Wike, RiversState governor, and had promised each of them that they would be his running mate in 2019 when he gets the party’s ticket to run the presidential election. The party had earlier zoned the 2019 presidential candidateto the north.The governors were said to have at this point, asked Sheriff to excuse them, while they went into a meeting with former governors who were also in Port Harcourt forthe convention. At the end of the meeting which lasted till 5am on Saturday, Sheriff was nowhere to be found but the meeting had resolved that he be removed as party chairman and a caretaker committee to be composed of representatives of the six geopolitical zones be formed, to oversee the affairs of the party for 90 days.The governors yesterday inaugurated a committee headed by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, a former governor of Kaduna State to organise another national convention within 90 days.The court order restraining the party from going ahead with the election of a new national executive, which the governors had earlier resolved to ignore, became useful at this point, as it was agreed that it would give them a leeway to reconcile factions of the party before a new convention.The choice of Makarfi, LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered, was because of his neutrality of the factions in the party and the respect he commands among stakeholders in the party, in the belief that his emergence would bring healing and unite the factions ahead of the convention.It was further gathered that the resistance put up by Concerned PDP Stakeholders Forum was also a factor in the governors’ decision to beat a retreat on their support for Sheriff.Recall that the governors and members of the NWC had in February this year, backed Sheriff, in spite of resistance from several quarters in the party, to emerge national chairman.At the height of the resistance to Sheriff’s chairmanship, they had also told aggrieved party members, majorly members of the Board Of Trustees (BoT), that Sheriff would hold a national convention in May and vacateoffice.The governors as well as members of the National Assembly however overruled Sheriff’s suspension of the convention.LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that the governors and members of the National Assembly drove straight to the venue of the convention shortly after a close-door meeting, which ended in a deadlock at Government House, Port Harcourt.The convention had yesterday, through voice vote, set up a national caretaker committee following a motion by Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio, which wasseconded by Gombe State Governor, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo.The caretaker committee, which will be in office for not more than 90 days and will conduct a proper convention for the party, has Senator Ahmad Makarfi and Senator BenObi as chairman and secretary, while SenatorOdion Ogbesia, Senator Abdul Ningi, BarristerKabiru Usman, Prince Dayo Adeyeye and Alhaja Aisha Aliyu are members.Also, the motion for the removal of membersof the NWC was moved by former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Austin Opara and was seconded by theimmediate past deputy speaker of the House,Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.Another motion for the zoning of the party’s presidential candidate to the North come 2019, was moved by former Niger State governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu and seconded by Delta State governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa.In his acceptance speech, Makarfi, called on all aggrieved members of the party to give peace a chance in the interest of the party’s growth.“I humbly accept the challenge and I do so on behalf of other members of the committee. I assure you that you have no cause to worry. None of us is contesting for any office. Please give peace a chance so that we can rebuild our party for the benefit of not only Nigerians and Africans, but the entire black race,” he said.Sheriff’s sack yesterday, alongside members of the NWC came less than one hour after headdressed journalists at Le Meridian Hotel, Portharcourt, where he announced the suspension of the national convention, citingorders of two Federal High Courts.The embattled national chairman also declared that he remains national chairman of the party.He also directed all the party’s delegates andsupporters who had earlier converged on theSharks Football Club Stadium, venue of the convention, to return to their respective states.Sheriff, declared that he and other members of the NWC of the party would remain in office until all court cases that led to the suspension of the convention are resolved.“Members of my working committee and I have been meeting since morning and we are confronted with a lot of challenges. The challenges are, we have many court cases that stopped our convention from taking place.“After a careful consideration of the issues confronting our dear party, taking into account the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), whichsaid it will not supervise the election into the offices of chairman, secretary and auditor, based on the order of court, on the account that our party is responsible, law abiding and with high respect for the judiciary and court, we hereby state that the national convention will no longer take place.“We have suspended it until when the High Court cases have been resolved. The issues are so many; from Abuja, we have a case where 17 members of the working committee’s tenures have not expired. It will expire in 2017. Another one in Lagos, which said the tenure of chairman, secretary and auditor will expire in 2018. INEC also warned that they will not supervise the convention in Port Harcourt.“Taking into consideration of all these, if we go out and conduct the election in Port Harcourt, the national working committee of the party will be charged for contempt of court. We asked for a stay of proceeding in Lagos yesterday, but the court denied that also. Therefore, the best and simplest way is to put the convention off.“Therefore, we are putting off the convention until all the court cases are resolved. Then, we will announce another date for the convention. There is no convention taking place; we don’t want to disobey the law, we are law abiding and that is the decision of the day.“Second matter of contention is that the court says there is no space for election. Therefore, we will sit in office as chairman ofthe party until the court cases are resolved, just like all the other members of the workingcommittee. Whatever the decision of the court is, we will abide by that,” he said.Several journalists who were at the venue of the convention for coverage were manhandled and beaten up by both security operatives and thugs, leading to the hospitalisation of two of them.Despite holding a separate national convention in Abuja, elders of the PDP under the aegis of the Concerned PDP Stakeholders’ Forum yesterday declared that the party remains united.The Gana-led forum which held a parallel convention in Abuja, said it was discussing with the other PDP leaders who were in Port Harcourt, for another convention with a view to resolving the differences between them.“For you to have gathered here in large numbers, short time and mobilisation is a great sign for democracy in Nigeria. We wantto assure you that by the grace of God, PDP will be united, alive and move forward. We are promoters of democracy. It is about deliberations and debate. We promote free society where power belongs to the people,” Gana said.He said elected leaders respect the will of the people and not impunity, adding that, “PDP will ensure a society that is equitable, not a society for a rich powerful few. We want a society that will build wealth and reduce poverty.“The founding fathers didn’t build PDP for acquiring sheer power. But to elect good leaders, which will bring about governance and development and everything that is goodfor Nigeria.”The former minister said the interest of his forum was to have an inclusive party.“We want all to be cared for. Our founding fathers wanted to build a party were values of honesty. We will not tolerate anything that will dehumanise the people. PDP will take over Nigeria again and govern,” he added.The Concerned PDP Stakeholders said they decided to hold a non-elective convention in deference to a court order stopping the party from electing new NWC members.However, a 57-member steering committee co-chaired by former deputy president of the Senate, Senator Ibrahim Mantu and former minister of education, Prof Tunde Adeniran, was set up to oversee the affairs of the forum until the court order is set aside and a proper convention held.Mantu in a speech said the stakeholders “resolved to rebuild, renew and rebrand” the party to anchor the dreams of the founding fathers.“This becomes a non-elective convention in respect of court order, and also to enable us have a tete-a-tete with our brothers in Port Harcourt,” Mantu added.On his part, chairman of convention, Mantu, said “our brothers in Port Harcourt are members of PDP and we only disagree on principles. We hope they will see what we see and we will see what they see and we will unite. We are one.”He added that, “16 years of PDP led to mistakes. We the elders have come to a painful conclusion that impunity which led tothe loss of party has reared its ugly heads. We must say no to anything that goes contrary to the constitution.”Mantu reiterated that the decision to choose Sheriff as chairman of the party was in grossviolation of the established procedure for theselection.A member of the steering committee, Hajiya Inna Ciroma, noted that the PDP in Borno State suffered for 16 years under Sheriff.“We won election and he scuttled it. Is it a way to pay us back by imposing him on us?” she queried.Former special adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan on public communications, Dr. Doyin Okupe, in an interview said the group had not ruled out reconciliation, and was open to setting up a caretaker committee.Speakers from the six geopolitical zones who addressed the convention called for justice and level playing ground, and also kicked against imposition of candidates.Among party leaders at the Abuja conventionwere Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo; former Ministerof Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed; outgoing PDP National vice chairman (South-South), Dr. Cairo Ojougboh; former chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Mrs. Esther Audu; and former governors of Imo, Adamawa and Taraba states, Achike Udenwa; Ahmadu Finitiri and Garba Umar, among others.BoT Should Take Over, Not MakarfiAddressing a press conference in Abuja at the end of the Port Harcourt convention, Mantu, who is co-chairman of the PDP Stakeholders Forum, opposed the appointment of the Makarfi as caretaker committee chairman and decried the further split within the party, while calling on the party’s Board of Trustees (BoT) to take over the affairs of the party.“There is a body that is constitutionally mandated to take over the affairs of the party. And that body is the conscience of the party called BoT.“At this point in time, the only legal organ constitutionally empowered to actually takeover the affairs of the party is the BOT,” he said.On the legal implications of what transpired in Port Harcourt, former minister of special duties, Tanimu Turaki, also said the way out now was for the BoT to step in and take charge.“It is there in our constitution that in a situation like this, that is unprecedented, the BoT, the conscience of the party as the fathers of the party, should step in immediately. There shouldn’t be any vacuum,” he said and expressed fears that the development in Port Harcourt may deepen cracks in the party.“It is really unfortunate that instead of working as one group towards strengtheningand bringing all members together, our friends in Port Harcourt have ended up further factionalising the party. There is a group now behind Sheriff saying that everything that has been done is illegitimate and wrong. And then the other group are saying that Sheriff has been dissolved.“This is what we want to look at and take a position on them as very response leaders ofthis party so that we will be able to make our positions known to the public particularly theteeming members of our party,” Turaki stated.On whether they were in support of any of the two groups, he said, “our position is not to factionalise the party. We don’t want to destroy this party. We want to strengthen the party and bring all members as it were as one family back home together.“That is why we are worried, that instead of them having agreed with our positions, instead of them coming to say okay you are right, we have agreed with all you arguments,your submissions were based on principles and due process, they ended up factionalising their own group.“And we are saying this is a very serious situation we need to dispassionately appraise before taking a decision.”INEC To Deliberate Over ConventionThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday said it would deliberate on the outcome of the PDP national convention.Director, voter education and publicity, Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, told LEADERSHIP Sunday that, “the commission will meet to consider the report of the monitoring team that was there.”He however didn’t state when they would meet.Osaze-Uzzi had earlier told LEADERSHIP thatINEC would only monitor the Port Harcourt convention, technically not recognising the parallel convention which held in Abuja.The commission also clarified that in keeping with a court order, it would not monitor election into the positions of national chairman, national secretary and national auditor.

Court orders FG, Okonjo-Iweala to account for ‘missing N30tn’

 The Federal High Court sitting in Lagos has ordered former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the Goodluck Jonathan led administration to  account for N30 trillion said to have been missing or unaccounted for while they were in government. 

Justice Ibrahim Buba had given the order in a Freedom of Information suit number FHC/L/CS/196/2015 filed by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP).

SERAP’s filed the suit following revelations by the former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Charles Soludo, that at least N30 trillion “has either been stolen or unaccounted for, or grossly mismanaged over the last few years under the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s watch.” SERAP had approached the court to order the former Minister and the Federal government to provide it with information on the said N30 trillion.

Delivering judgement in the suit last week, Justice Buba said,

Photos :Kano State Governor Flags Off Borehole Project To Mark His 1st Year In Office.

 Governor off Kano state, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje flagged off the Construction of 462 hand Boreholes across the State to mark his one year anniversary in office, on Saturday 21/05/16.

Photos: All Is Set For The PDP 2016 National Convention In Rivers State.

 Here are colorful photos from Garden City in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2016 national convention will hold today.
 Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Convention Planning Committee and Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the 2016 convention would go on Saturday as scheduled.

He said though there are two conflicting court orders on the conduct of the National Convention, lawyers of the party have filed stay of execution processes and appealed both orders, hence the party has not disobeyed any subsisting order.

He noted that under legal procedures, once a court order is timeously challenged, an affected party cannot said to have disobeyed any order.

He said the parallel convention being talked about has no place in the party structure as it has no connection to the legally constituted organs of the party.


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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Halaccin Sarauta episode 14 May 21st 2016

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Continuation of Halaccin Sarauta episode 14

zama yayi dirsham babu irin tunanin dabaiyiba aransa, yasan dai kome yasameta. Bazata taba barin garin batare data cimma burinta ba a dan sanin daya mata, macece mai tsayuwa akan raayinta, nan kuma takara bashi tsoro domin kuwa yasan tabbas bazata bar mahaifiyarsa ba,gida yakoma yatara dogarai yabasu cikiyanta, har cikiya da hotonta idan amsamu wanda yaganta zai samu kaso na dukiya mai soka Aliya kuwa tuni tasamu tanemi hayan gida ciki da falo, taje tasiya sabbin furnitures, da kayan kallo da duk wani abu datasan yana wancan gydan tabari, saidata koma gaba daya sannan hankalinta yakoma kan yadda zatasamu damanjuya fada batareda sungantaba, tayi iya tunaninta anan ta tuna da bilki, toh tayaya zatayi magana da bilki babu yusuf?

Dole shikadai zai iya dauko mata ita, inbahaka bilki bazatabar fada ba, ko acikin matan sarkin bawacce tafi kusanta balle tanemi alfarma, tsaki taja tasako dan riganta iya gwiwa da jeans, tadaura dankwalin akanta batayi kama da yaran hausawa ba ko kadan wanda tayi hakanne donta batar da kammani, yanayin garin yamata dadi sosai yadda take tafiya duk wanda zai ganta zai tabbatar da macece marar son damuwa da tashin hankali, masara tagani ta ciro gudan dubu daya a aljihunta tamikawa matan, matan tamika mata guda daya da canji aliya taki karba haka tabar mata canjin, matan tabita da godiya, hankalinta a kwance tanaci tana tafiya can taga taro andan cika dasauri tanufi gun, wasu ne suke fada ana kokarin rabasu ganin mazane ba yadda ta iya tajuya tatafi, har gyda taje sannan ta kwanta akan kujera taji dadin dan zaga garin datayi koba komi tayi exercise din kafa, buga kofa taji anyi batareda tunanin komi ba tamike tabude ga mamakinta saitaga ysuf, mayar da kofan tayi zata rufe atake yasako hannunsa bahali dole tabari, tana juyawa takama kanta tareda cewa"mekazoyi?"

Cikin murna da farinciki ji yakeyi kaman ya rungumota yace "yazaayi bazanzo ba. Naxo gaysheki ne" tana zama tadauko wani takarda tana dubawa tareda cewa "mutanen garinnan munafukai ne, har anje anfadamaka inda nake, fitan danayi ko awa biyar banyiba" bai amsa ta ba illa zama dayayi yana kallonta, ta ajiye littafin tareda cewa "taimakona zakayi, inaso kadaukomin bilkisu akwai maganan dazamuyi" ganin tadage yace "maganan yadda zaki kashe babana da mamana?" Ta mugun tsorata anma tadanne tareda yin murmushi tanacewa "mesukamin? Babu , donhaka ni tambayan bilki kawai zanyi!" Yamike tareda cewa bazaki ganta ba nasan menakeyi, so kike kiyi amfani dani wurin ramakon ki ko?" Ganin datayi tamkar yasan komi ta tabbatar dacewa lallai yakaranta littafinnan donhaka tabata rai tareda cewa "ae!" Baiyi mamaki ba, dama yasandole zaa rina, abunda zatace kenan, yamike tareda cewa "kinemi wani hanyan ramakonki badaniba, sannan kiyi adduan Allah yarufe bakina akanki" yana fada yabar gydan, ko ajikinta don tasan bazai fadaba, dazai fada tun tana baiwarta zaifada, tayi zama tana tunanin hanyan dazatabi duk iya tunaninta dole yusuf ne hanyan, inbai taimaka mataba babu yadda zatayi, gashi yariga dayasani tasan zaibi duk wani hanya domin yaga ya tsayar da ita, wanda aganinta bazai taba faruwa ba, donhaka dole tabi hanya daya, wato ta ajiye komi tajanyo yusuf ajikinta har yasota wanda bazai iya mata musu ba, wani zuciyan tace toh yanzumman yaaka kare?

Donhaka bari tagwada tagani Kwanansa uku bai lekota ba, tana hankalce anma tana adduan Allah yasa yazo din, domin zuwanshi ne kadai mafita agareta, cikin ikon Allah dayamma kamar yadda takeyi, yau kuma dogon rigane ajikinta tadaura dankwalin taje cin masara, harta karbi masaran taji murya abayanta yanacewa shima abashi, juyawan dazayi taganshi, bata kulashi ba takarba tafara tafiya wanda yana binta abaya sanye yake da kannanun kaya sunyi asalim yimasa kyau, kowakallonsu yake domin ba karamin kyau sukayiba,tayi kaman batasan akwai mutum agunba har sukaje kofan gydan tabude tashiga yabiyota, bata kulashiba tacire dankwalin gashin yazubo tazauna tamike kafafunta alamun tagaji, tanaji yana kiran sunanta tashareshi tamkar bada ita yake ba, ganin ta mayar dashi mahaukaci yanufi kanta kwalban coke dake hannta yakarba yawurga akasa tas tafashe, aliya bata dago ta kalleshiba balle ta tambayeshi, ganin zata haukatar dashi yasa yanufi kanta ganin zaimata hauka tasa kafa ta tokareshi hawaye ne a idonsa " don Allah kiyi hakuri duk zuciyan dakikayi dani kiyi hakuri, baxan iya rayuwa ba keba, wlh inasonki aliya kefe madafar zuciyata, na yadda ko meye zakiyi dani kiyi, kiyi amfani dani zanyi biyayya inhar zaki gwadamin so, komi kikeso zanmiki in bilkisu ce barin aika akirata" yamike zai fita tace "yarima!" Yajuyo yakaleta sannan tace " kainake son kaje kadaukota dakanka" ba musu yace "toh

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The Trial of a New Bride episode 6 May 21st 2016

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Trial of a New Bride episode ... 6 .:
“seriously i don’t think things that happened when we were dating has anything to do with his death, believe me” i said slowly. Officer Chiroma simply folded his hands and breathed deeply.

“nothing is hidden under the sun for long. Sooner or later I still will find out, so i believe it’s in your best interest to tell me all i need to know” he pushed with a smile.
I battled with myself one more time before making up my mind to open up.

“Suleiman was stealing from the company. He was doing it with a colleague in the records department. I found out about the whole deal three weeks into our relationship but couldn’t do anything apart from confront him. He ended up convincing me to keep quiet, equally promising to marry and take me to Dubai with him.
His plan was to get me established over there. I was a woman in love with a whole lot to gain. Of course i kept quiet and helped him steal more. He kept his word and married me, only to die before fulfilling the last part of his promise. Now what has that got with his death??” i poured out with tears.

“and the colleague in question, do you think he has a hand in his death?” he asked curiously.

“of course not, they had seperate accounts and divided proceeds evenly. No he is much more valuable alive than dead to the man” i answered seriously.

“well in a murder case we don’t rule out any possibility until the crime is solved. I admire your honesty. You bravely confessed being an accomplice to another crime. I appreciate and will keep my promise by watching your back. It should interest you to know that your husband might have been murdered in his garden, we saw some drops of blood down there, which now gives us two crime scenes” he said while i gasped with shock.

“yea Suleiman loved smoking and probably went to the garden to heat off while i slept, but how the hell did he get back to the bed, if he was killed in there?” i asked with disbelief.

“it’s time to go to your cell my dear. I’ll permit you to keep your phone. Just pray something new never comes out to incriminate you further, as for now the lastest discovery works on your side” he added with a cold smile, got up and led me to a quiet cell where I had the most terrying night ever.
I kept seeing my dead husband all through that night. Oh it was one nasty experience.

Dear friends, I spent the second night after my wedding in a police cell. What can be more horrible than such fate??

To be continue insha Allah.

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