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The diary of interrupted dream final episode

Diary of interrupted dream: Episode finale!

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The dinner was over by 9pm sharp due to the security challenges. After introduction and  exchange of pleasantries between me and abokanen ango. Shamsu led me away from the crowd. My heart skipped a bit so he meant what he said. Earlier he requested that after the dinner he will drive me himself alone to our house. And indeed he meant it, he was holding my hands as thought I will be snatched away. His friends were busy laughing and mocking us, but he doesn't seems to mind at all some were busy snapping us pictures some clapping.

I wanted to break away so he let go of my hands and half carried me and more cheers and more camera flashes trailed behind us. I was beyond words so I just let him lead me kawai and why not. So I use the saying "if you can't beat them join them", so I stopped struggling to break free from his hold. I said "wait let me adjust" I held on to his hands and let him led me easily he laughed a little and gently and said "yawwa ko ke fa"

He brought out a car key from his pocket saying "Let me take you were I longed to take you for long My Aneesah" Shamsu are you.... before I could finish what I want to say, he use his thumb and gently touched my lips and said "what did you say yesterday?" " "Oops sorry dearie I mean MBH!" and said smiling. Remembered our arguments in the morning that he don't want me calling his name so I named him  " MBH! (My better half)." That's better" he said. He went straight to a brand new mercedes Benz car parked just outside the door of the hall, opened the passenger  door and held it for me. I did not move but only said "Are you serious MBH!? I thought you were joking why can't we just go home and then I will be formally conveyed to your house?" He only smiled motioned towards me. He came very close that I could perceive the Hugo boss perfume he use.",My Aneesah am dead serious, now are you going to walk to the car or want me to do as I said if you can't walk to the car by yourself ?" I still didn't move, until I understood that he meant  what he said that's to carry me to the car. He laughed happily and said "that's my bae". I smiled recollecting our phone conversation in the morning.

"My Aneesah my wife, my bae, my Queen, My wish, Infact my all that I could risk to have, how are you?" I couldn't hold a smile though he was not with me to see it "Uhm Shamsuddeen" I said before I could say anything he cut me short "Haba My Aneesah har yau ma suna na Shamsu? Canja min don Allah" "okay" I said "You are MBH! from today. And then the call was disconnected by network so I just text him  what MBH! Stand for. He replied immediately" I love the name"

Through out our journey he was holding my left hand with his hand and uses the other hand to drive expertly. He stopped the car in front of a beautifully painted gate, came round and open the door for me. When I came out he was still standing very close saying I have a surprise for you. He led me towards the house, and just in time the small gate door opened  and I heard a voice saying "Shamsu ka dawo ka taho min da ita". My mouth involuntarily opened and closed I almost shouted " Baba is it really you?"  " yes Aneesah its me"baba maigadi said excited and added "welcome finally to my Shamsuddeen house". Another surprise " I heard Shamsu said "could you please walk my girl to her house"  "sure why not it will be a great delight you know" came the reply "Blessing is it you please" I continued how dearie I asked looking at him. He simply smiled and said " My Aneesah I couldn't erase that day 's memory so I chose to replay it again, now if you don't mind blessing will see you off while I see baba I will meet you inside". I was speechless blessing led me in and straight to a beautiful two storeyed building painted in my favourite colour peach and cream. On top of the balcony a banner was placed and in which "Welcome to our world my Aneesah, my bae, my Queen and all " was beautifully written, and lightened by a disco lights. I turned and he was standing few metres away from looking breathtakingly handsome in a gray suit. Without hesitation I walked into his arms and held him tight saying "You were the only man that had  ever mattered and will ever mattered to me" We were speechless, he led me into the front door of the sitting room, same thing everything has a touch of peaches and creams.
He led me to the bedroom, and everything was lost to us.What we are aware was the two of us.........Indelible Memories created!!!
The next day he fixed a chair for me on the balcony which was decorated with beautiful pictures of us snapped long time ago on the mountains. We watched the sunrise together, that seems to create a bond between us.

A moment later, Umma came, she was filled with happiness which radiates through her face. We had breakfast with her. And then she retires on a sitter and we sat at her feet as a show of respect. She touched our heads and bless us and tell us this "Aneesah, I love you like a daughter or even more, you are God sent, no one knows the whereabouts of your parents, but it doesn't matter any more, you have us, you have Shamsuddeen, and I believe he loves you. I forbade you from disrespecting him, he is in charge of your affairs, do not do anything without consulting or seeking his counsel, do not keep companies he disapproves of, respect him, love him do not shy away from your duties as a wife, be an object of pleasure to him, pleasure and delight of his eyes. And I want you to know ,everyone is tied to his or her destiny and nothing can stop what was destined to befall you to.

Everything is a matter of time, this is your time to be husband and wife. You have had dreams, but were interrupted by destiny now alqawari ya cika. Aneesah you have done alots to us, including sacrificing your own happiness just to repay us. You  have been and obedient child May God blessings be with you. And to you Shamsuddeen, you too are like my own son, know that, you are now in charge of Aneesah's affairs, she is a trust upon you not a slave, a companion, and your comfort zone, I beseech you to treat her well as the best and she will make you her priority, teach her to respect you by respecting her.

Women need to be clearly told they are loved, don't hesitate to tell and show her you love her, I know you do. When you are tempted to displease her just create a space a little. Admonish her do not give her time to correct herself correct her, tell her categorically and in unequivocal terms what you love and hates, communicate with her, communication has a way of bridging gaps.

Am not telling you this because she is my own but because this is what men should be told. Have my blessings, Aneesah I am your mother, you have never had any parents but us, for anything do not hesitate to call me. Pray for your parents. I will leave you now "She concluded rising up and adjusting her himar.

We were both touch by her words. Shamsu held my hands in her presence and said "Umma ba rashin kunya you are my mother, I promised you I will take care of her, and  protect her against every evil". Umma left, and we sat down still jikinmu a mace.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah!!! Said Shamsu i never imagine this day will come. But with God everything is very possible, we have been tested and we have  accepted it with wisdom and total submission we are repaid at the right time!! Alhamdulillah i said leaning on his shoulders, looking into his eyes and smiling beautifully. His lips motioned towards mine let me start practicing what Umma just said " I love you so much,much more than you can ever comprehend "I closed my eyes and allowed his words to caress my senses!!!
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Graphic Photos: Malnourished Children At IDPs Monguno Camp

Monguno is 130km from Maiduguri where internally displaced persons are living in hell. Butfor the government , they look at it as embarrassment.

Metro Naija 

Wicked Stepmother Allegedly Tortures 7-year-old to Death in Kaduna

The Police in Kaduna State has begun investigation into the case of a woman who allegedly tortured her 7-year-old step daughter, Zainab to death, Zuma Times reports. Details of the report are still sketchy, but Zuma Times stated that the suspect was arrested after the doctor found signs of prolonged torture on the child, along with recent injuries on her buttocks.The suspect said the child suffered seizures which made them rush her to the hospital, but the doctor, sensing incoherence in the suspect’s statement, invited the police. Unfortunately, the child did not make it this time.Cuts, bruises, and scars from burns and scald were seen on the deceased. The report stated that suspect has been detained and is being interrogated at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Command.

Kaduna govt appoints Dalhatu, Chom, sole administrators of state-owned institutions

The Kaduna State Government has appointed Prof. Shehu Dalhatu and Prof. Emmanuel Chom as sole administrators of Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria, and Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan Waya, respectively. This is contained in a statement signed by Samuel Aruwan, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity, on Tuesday. Mr. Aruwan said the appointments, which take immediate effect, are for a period of six months. He said the appointments were in line with the state government’s commitment to strengthen the education sector. He said the appointees replaced Prof. Dalhatu Yahaya, who until the announcement, was the rector of Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria, and Hope Gajere, who headed the Kaduna State College of Education.

“Gov. Nasir El-Rufai, on behalf of the people and Government of Kaduna State, thanked the former rector and the provost for the services rendered to the state in their respective capacities”. Mr. Aruwan said that the state executive council recently approved the White Papers on the reports of the visitation panels to its tertiary institutions, where recommendations to strengthen the institutions were made. “The new administrators are expected to oversee the implementation of measures to revamp the institutions within their six month tenure.’’


ASUU threatens to embark on strike after FG ignores demands

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) through its Lagos Zone Coordinator, Prof. Olusoji Sowande at a news conference in Lagos on Tuesday, threatened to embark on a nationwide strike in regards to its demands for the implementation of its 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.Sowande said the 2009 FG/ASUU agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on funding of state universities, breaches of the conditions of service and re-negotiation of the agreement, exclusion of Nigerian universities from Pension Management Company and non-release of NEEDS Assessment Intervention Fund were still being ignored. The He said: “The review of the agreement should have been undertaken in 2012 and 2015 but that did not happen.‎ “The implication is that our union has shown enough patriotism and understanding on these matters in the last four years. “We are perplexed and disappointed that both the Federal and State Governments are not responding to our consistent appeals to bring about genuine transformation in the education sector, ‘’ he said. He said they would rather not embark on a strike because it is the Students and ASUU members that end up suffering. Adding: “It is unfortunate that the only language government appears to respect and listens to is that of industrial action like strike”.

Presidency list 6 things Nigeria gained from Pres. Buhari's recent trip to Kenya

The presidency in this statement signed by Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba, listed six gainsfor Nigeria from President Buhari's recent trip to Kenya where he attended the Tokyo International Conference on African Development ( TICAD VI). Read the statement belowTOKYO International Conference on African Development, "TICAD 6" just ended in Nairobi, Kenya and in attendance were several African Presidents and Prime Ministers including our own Muhammadu Buhari and the co-convener of the conference, Shinzo Abe, the head of the Japanese government.

The TICAD seeks a win-win partnership between Japan and Africa. A key objective of the conference is to build up African ownership of its own vision of growth anddevelopment.In furtherance of this, Japan seeks to differ with the other players on the continent by placing emphasis on high quality infrastructure that do more than job creation by transferring technology through the training of youth and women. The conference held every five years from the time it started in 1993 until the last one in 2003 when it was decided that it should be convened every three years instead. The one that just finished is significant in the sense that this was the first time it took place in Africa. They met in Japan all the time in the past.

Another significant departure is the recognition of the role of the private sector in the economic take-off of the continent. In this respect, more than 100 Chief Executive Officers, CEOs from leading Japanese companies accompanied Prime Minister Abe. This is a clear indication that more and more Japanese companies are eying the African continent.

A modest number of Nigerian business and state-owned enterprises were equally present.From its start, Prime Minister Abe made known the intention of Japan to spend 10 Billion Dollars in the next twelve months and overall USD 30 Billion over a three-year period on areas key to African economies, targeting infrastructuralprojects such as roads, energy, ports, hospitals and training institutions. The money will partly be disbursed through the African Development Bank, ADB.

At the end of the conference, a statement tagged"Nairobi Declaration" was issued. Among its highlights is the launching of "Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security for Africa, IFNA." This aimsto bring African governments together to swiftly implement food and nutrition security policies and programs. There were important resolutions taken on economic diversificationand industrialization; promotion of "resilient health system for quality of life" and measures for the promotion social stability and shared prosperity.For Nigeria in particular, "TICAD 6" milestones include the important meeting between PresidentBuhari and Prime Minister Abe, at which event problems militating against the inflow of Japanese investment into Nigeria were discussed and agreed upon.

Japanese companies had done a lot by way of investment in the past in Nigeria but there has noticeably been a drop in the last decade or two. Chiefly to blame is the problem of security, disguised in official discussions as "business environment. "President Buhari used this meeting effectively in giving assurances that the problem is being addressed. Boko Haram terrorism is nearly gone and sabotage in the Niger Delta will soon be ended preferably through dialogue and if not, by force of arms.Coming into close personal contact for the second time, the two leaders discussed the issues of trade and investment, health, peace anddevelopment of the continent. In addition, they discussed issues in diplomacy and international relations.President Buhari's statement at the Head of States' round table meeting with business leaders underscored the serious efforts government is making to improve Nigeria's notoriously bad business environment.

At this meeting, he announced the coming into place of a soon-to-be inaugurated "Presidential Enabling Business Council, PEBEC."He described it as an inter-ministerial council to oversee the efforts of government to remove various bottlenecks that stifle business and economic activity to give way to the right enabling environment and investment climate in Nigeria. It will be powered by the government but will be private-sector driven.According to its vision, the PEBEC will make Nigeria one of the most attractive business destinations in the world. It will start with the modest effort of moving the country up 20 points in the World Bank ranking in the ease of doing business in the first year, taking it into the top 100 at the end of the four-year mandate of the current administration.

A third takeaway is on the sidelines of the TICAD where the Nigerian government delegation met a good number of big Japanese enterprises. Collectively and individually, these businesses expressed their intention of either coming in newly or expanding their participation in Nigeria'sprivate sector. The companies with varied interests in power, agriculture, automobile, motor cycles, textiles, financing and the service sector included the Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Limited, representing Honda Motor Co. Ltd; JapanTobacco Inc., Marubeni Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation. Others included Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toyota Tsusho (Nigeria) Ltd., an affiliate of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, West African Seasoning Co. Ltd., affiliate of Ajinomoto Co. Inc.,and Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO.

At these meetings, they explored the scope for the incentive packages the Nigerian government will give them so as to deepen and expand their investments. These included export rebates, access to Foreign Exchange, land, interest rates, transparency in business regulation and favourable regulatory structure.The fourth important takeaway is the formation ofa new group KENSA made up of industry leaders on the continent, Kenya representing East Africa, Egypt for North Africa, South Africa for the South and Nigeria, from West Africa.

The four countries agreed to consolidate their quadrilateral grouping initiated at the19th July UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) meeting and decided to expand business and trade between the four of them, inject impetus into the CFTA, the African Union-inspired free trade agreement among African countries and to coordinate their positions on trade and investment inside and outside Africa.Fifth, Nigeria and Kenya seized the opportunity of the meeting of their leaders to not only strengthen bilateral relations but to follow up on the achievements of the State Visit to Nairobi by President Buhari earlier this year.From the time of the visit, both countries have seen a growing impetus for trade and investment between them. Kenya which discovered oil lately is picking lessons from Nigeria's vast experience in oil and gas. Nigeria is learning from Kenyan experience in managing animal grazing. There are efforts on both sides to share experience and promote private sector participation in trade, cooperatives, micro finance, cotton farming and palm oil processing.

Sixth, under the auspices of the Bank of Industry and the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council NIPC, several memoranda of understanding, MOUs were signed between Nigerian parties and their foreign counterparts. From many of these, investments and jobs will follow. On the President's delegation were the Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Budget and National Planning, and Industry, Trade and Investment.There were also the National Security Adviser, NSA and the Director-General, National Intelligence Agency, NIA. Members of the delegation expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the conference and the side engagements.

Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo swears-in perm secs, 11 LG bosses

Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo of Gombe state yesterday administered oath of office on caretaker chairmen for the 11 Local Government Areas of the state and 10 new Permanent Secretaries.Tenures of the chairmen were renewed for six months following the expiration of their first terms of six months. Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Dankwambo said the appointment of the permanent secretaries was in line with Gombe State Civil Service Rule.

Gov Al-Makura of Nasarawa State Appoints New AG, PS, Others

Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has appointed Zakka ledkwi Yakubu as the new Accountant General (AG) three weeks after the death of the former AG of the state.Astatement signed by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Umaru Azores, and made available to newsmen in Lafia, said that until his appointment as the new Accountant General, Yakubu was the Director Finance and Account in the state ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.Yakubu replaced the former AG of the state, Mohammed Musa-Daddau, who died Aug.10, at the National Hospital, Abuja after a brief illness.The statement added that Idris Abba-Danladi, formally the Director, (Salary) in the Bureau for Salary Administration, was appointed as Auditor General, Local Governments Audit.The statement said that Dr Jennet Angbazo, who was the outgoing Chairman of the state Primary Healthcare Development Agency, was appointed as a new Permanent Secretary (PS).The statement added that Umar Mohammed a retired Director at the state Agricultural Development Programme is now Director General, Bureau for Public Procurement.

Daily Trust

Northern Traditional Rulers Join Campaign To Halt Maternal Mortality

Traditional rulers from northern Nigeria have resolved to lead the campaign against maternal and child mortality in the Region. The move came on the heels of the region’s poor performance in the area of maternal and child health. Indicators showed that the region has the highest rate of maternal, infant mortality among other regions in Nigeria.

At a one-day dialogue and sensitisation meeting with Northern Traditional Rulers Committee on Primary Health Care held in Kaduna State on Tuesday, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar, who chaired the meeting, decried the high rate of maternal mortality in the north. He stressed the need for collective effort to address the ugly trend. The Sultan further urged traditional rulers to sensitise their subjects on the importance of providing proper antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women and nursing mothers especially at rural communities. According to statistics released by the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF),  no fewer than 100 women die daily across Northern Nigeria during childbirth.

Massive Sensitisation This is due to a lot of factors which include medical complications – bleeding and infection,  social factors –poverty, lack of education, lack of adequate medical facilities and personnel among others. Worried by this negative development, the traditional rulers gathered to brainstorm and come up with ways of addressing this major health challenge.

The meeting was conveyed by the Sultan Foundation for Peace and Development in collaboration with UNPF. The Dean of Faculty of Medicine Kaduna State University, Dr Joel Adeze, told the gathering that lack of education and some cultural practices against women were major causes of maternal deaths. He, however, emphasises the role of traditional rulers in sensitising their subjects about providing qualitative health care for pregnant women. Other participants at the meeting agreed to take the message back home and ensure all necessary steps were taken to reverse the menace. With massive sensitisation and political will from the government, participants believe these factors would help in encouraging all stakeholders to step up measures to reduce the menace of maternal mortality and save more pregnant mothers and their children from dying during childbirth.

Channel TV

PDP: No Deal As Sheriff Rejects BoT Peace Offer

Embattled former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, yesterday rejected the resolutions reached by the Senator Walid Jibril-led Board of Trustees (BoT), saying that they fell short of expectations. Specifically, Sheriff faulted the BoT for passing a vote of confidence on the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led national caretaker committee of the party and also called for the resignation of Senator Jibril as the party’s BoT chairman, stressing that the board, on his (Jibril’s) watch, had deepened the party’s leadership crisis. He also insisted on the resignation of the members of the Makarfi-led committee, which he maintained, is illegal, adding that he had been informed that well-meaning Nigerians had been urging Makarfi to resign. The BoT had on Monday directed the Makarfi-led committee to hold the next national convention of the party in Abuja, and for the planning committee of the convention to be reconstituted. These were some of the demands by Sheriff.

In the build-up to the botched August 17 national convention in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the BoT’s reconciliation committee, led by Prof Jerry Gana, had met with Sheriff over the leadership crisis rocking the party. The former national chairman had, at the meeting, demanded that the national convention be held in Abuja and that Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, be removed as head of the convention planning committee. But deputy national chairman, of the Sheriff faction, Dr Cairo Ojougboh, yesterday, accused the BoT of aggravating the crisis in the party, stressing that their resolution ran contrary to an earlier decision reached with the Dickson/Mantu reconciliation committee over the leadership crisis. “Having deliberated on the reported outcome of the Board of Trustees meeting of 29th August, 2016, we have resolved to state as follows:“That the resolutions fall short of the decision reached with the Dickson/Mantu reconciliation committee; the agreement we had is that Sheriff should chair a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting where Makarfi will attend as a member of the BOT; at the meeting, a chairman of the Convention Committee will be agreed upon, a new Convention Committee setup, including all other sub-committees – zoning, finance, accreditation, etc; the venue of the Convention will be in Abuja, where a new leadership of the party will emerge, internal democracy will be respected and confidence will return to the party,” he said in a statement, signed on behalf of Sheriff. Sheriff further declared that his faction completely rejects the vote of confidence passed on the “illegal caretaker committee because a committee that has failed twice to successfully organise a convention on two occasions is a failure. “Consequently, we can now confidently inform the general public that well-meaning Nigerians have been urging Senator Makarfi to resign to save democracy. We therefore call on his friends and associates and family to advise him to do the needful and resign now to save multiparty democracy in Nigeria and stop the impunity that has been the bane of internal democracy. ”He further alleged that Senator Walid Jibril’s chairmanship of the BoT had brought crisis to the party, noting that his tenure had expired as he had spent more than 10 years as secretary and chairman of BoT, which ran contrary to the party’s constitution.

Sheriff further said: “A party where we have eminently qualified persons like Senator David Mark, Babangida Aliyu and others cannot be led by unstable individuals controlled by the love for money. “The source of irritation in the party is the still-born illegal caretaker committee, and the Board of Trustees should have advised that the illegality be addressed. “Whereas the National Working Committee had agreed terms with the Reconciliation Committee on numerous occasions, the BoT will go public and make misguided and provocative statements. The leadership of the BoT must immediately be reconstituted to move the party forward.”He added that “until we get it right and check impunity, the Nigerian opposition party won’t perform as required. As we move towards reconciliation, PDP should prevent any person or group from hijacking the party. ”He blamed the party’s failure in the 2015 general elections on impunity and vowed that, going forward, the PDP will become stronger.


Photos: Flood Ravages Rikko Community In Jos.

This is the condition caused by flood disaster in Rikkos, a suburb of Jos north in plateau state.. According to reports, the residents have fled the area as their houses and properties have been submerged and destroyed by the flood.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Chinese company wins $1.85bn Kanorailway contract

China Railway Construction Corporation says it has won a $1.851 billion contract to construct the Kano city light rail. In a special announcement in Monday, the company said its directors had received a provisional letter of award from Nigeria. The rail, with a total length of 74.3 kilometres, is expected to travel at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

In context, 100 kilometres per hour is as fast as moving from Lagos to Ibadan in 72minutes.The first phase of the project construction is billed to take two years, while the second phase of the four line rail is expected to take another two years. “Project contract amount of approximately $ 1.851 billion, equivalent to approximately RMB 120.3 Billion, accounting for 2% of the Company’s 2015 revenue, under the China Accounting Standards,” the announcement read.

The receipt of the contract is valid for three weeks from the day of award, after which “uncertainties” will prevail. Nigeria is investing heavily in capital projects, building infrastructure, and replacing half a century old rail lines, in the country. With over N1 trillion budgeted for capital expenditure in the 2016 appropriation act, Nigeria is expected to invest the highest amount of money in capex in its 56-year history.

No plan to probe Emir of Kano, Soludo – Presidency

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba ShehuThe Presidency on Monday refuted social media reports that the tenures of Emir of Kano, Dr Muhammadu Sanusi and Prof. Charles Soludo, as Central Bank Governors, would soon be probed by the Federal Government.The social media reports, published on Sunday and Monday, alleged that the Federal Government had concluded arrangements to probe the tenures of the two former CBN governors over their views on the state of thenation’s economy.The reports further alleged that Sanusi and Soludo had been put on “the watch list of the government for some alleged anomalies that occurred during their tenures as head of the Nigeria’s apex bank’’.Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to PresidentMuhammadu Buhari, however, in a tweeted message, said the presidency was not aware that the Emir and Soludo would be probed for offering suggestions to the president. “The check I made today indicated that the presidency is unaware of the reported probe of Sarkin Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi 11 and Prof. Soludo “Where did that report come from? Under our constitution which President Muhammadu Buhari swore to uphold, it is not a crime to offer suggestions,’’ he said.


3 Hisbah operatives docked for assaulting journalist in Kano

Police in Kano on Monday arraigned three Hisba guards for allegedly assaulting a reporter withthe Kano-based Radio station, Express Radio, Malam Abdullahi Isah. The suspects, Dahiru Murtala, Auwalu Ibrahim and Farouk Usman,were charged for criminally assaulting and confiscating gadgets belonging to the reporter.The prosecutor, Cpl. Sani Mohammed, had told the Shahuci Upper Sharia Court sitting in Kano that the victim was beaten to pulp and pushed to ground in the presence of people, who converged on the premises of the Kano Trade Fair Complex on Saturday.The prosecutor said people were at the complex to attend a lecture organized at the behest of a renowned veteran broadcaster, Malam Ahmed Isah. However, counsel to the defendants, Mr Nabahani Usman, prayed the court to grant his clients the chance for an out-of-court settlement. He said this would provide the clients the chance for an amicable settlement in view of the immense contribution the Hisba Board was getting from the radio station.On his part, counsel to the radio station, Mr Audu Bukarti, describedthe development as a great victory to the enforcement of the fundamental human rights of thosecriminally assaulted and manhandled in the course of discharging their constitutional responsibility.Granting bail to the accused, the Presiding Officer, Malam Garba Ahamad, adjourned the case to Sept. 28, to enable both parties look into the possibility of out-of-court settlement.

Graphic Photo : Civilian JTF Commander killed in Kaduna

Commander of Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) in charge of Kakuri community, Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna State,  Buhari Ahmadu Tanko, has been reportedly killed by yet to be identified assailants.Kaduna State Police Command Public Relations Officer, ASP Aliyu Usman confirmed the incident.He said, the late Tanko, 27 was murdered by hoodlums while attempting to stop them from stealing from the premises of defunct Kaduna Textile Limited located in his catchment area.

ASP Usman said the incident occurred at about 3:26 hours of Monday 29th August 2016, making it difficult for the police to make immediate arrest of any suspect in connection with the killing.He however said investigation into the matter has already been launched and the culprits will soon be fished out to face the full wrath of the law.Effort to speak with family of the deceased could not be established as the time of filing this report. But member of JTF in Kakuri, who would not want his name in print vowed, never to be deterred by the gruesome murder of their leader in their efforts to make the community safer, urging the State government to train and equip them instead of attempting to scrap the activities of local vigilante in the State as we read in the media. “We know the community better because we leave here. The government can train us continually so we discharge our responsibility better. What happened cannot stop us from patrolling our area especially at night. And we will bring the killers of Buhari to justice no matter how long it will take us”, he said.

Photos:.Soldiers Arrest Notorious Cattle Rustlers, Recover 209 Cows, 1062 Goats

Troops of 1 Division Nigerian Army on operations aimed at dealing with the menace of livestock rustling, armed banditry and other forms of criminality have killed an armed bandit, arrested some, cleared camps and recovered livestock in Kaduna and Zamfara States.Yesterday the troops arrested a notorious cattle rustler named Isah Fulani at Mararrabar Jos, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.Similarly, the troops have also killed the leader ofan livestock and armed banditry gang called Guruguru Magaji at Tashar Nakau, Ikara Local Government Area, in a fierce exchange of gun fire yesterday. The troops recovered a Revolver Pistol and 6 locally fabricated 9mm rounds of ammunition from him.The troops at Anchau, Kubau Local Government Area, Kaduna State also arrested 2 impersonators that parade themselves as members of a non-existent vigilante group harassing and extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public in the area.The suspects, Mallam Hamza Hare and Mallam Sani Abdul-Aziz also posed as liaison officers to security officers duping people.The troops have also arrested a notorious armedbandit that terrorised the public especially along the road that linked Kaduna and Katsina States through Birnin Gwari-Funtua. The armed bandit, named Mohammed is also popularly known as “Abedariwa” and was arrested in Birnin Gwari town, Kaduna State. Apart from confessing and giving graphic details of his deadly acts, he promised to cooperate fully with the military to fish out other criminal elements in the society.

Court turns down request to release El-Zakzaky

 A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja today turned down the application brought before it by the leader of the Shi’ites Islamic group in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, asking the court to order the Department of State Services, DSS, to release him from detention immediately.

The Islamic leader has been in detention since December last year after some of his members clashed with the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna state.

 Ruling on his application, Justice Abang said that Zakzaky ought to have obtained the leave of court for the matter to be heard during vacation.

The Judge held that the leader of the Shi’ites Movement failed to serve the DSS, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, who are respondents in the matter.

Justice Abang, who is sitting as a vacation Judge held that El-Zakzay’s application was not competent and he struck it out. El-Zakzaky has been charged with criminal conspiracy and inciting public disturbances.

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Monday, 29 August 2016

El-Rufai proposes life imprisonment for rapists

The Kaduna State Government led by Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has proposed life sentence for rapists in the new Child Right Bill forwarded to the State House of Assembly for passage into law. Deputy Director, Civil Litigation in the state’s Ministry for Justice, Mr Irimiya Samson, made this known in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna. Samson explained that thedevelopment became necessary, following incessant cases of rape, particularly of minors, being recorded daily in the state.He noted that current penalty for rape in the Penal Code was very light, as such it was important to make the law more strict to curtail the ugly trend. “The incidences of rape have become very rampant in the state. It is particularly disturbing that the offenders are mostly elderly men whose victims are toddlers, minors within the age range of three to six.“In curbing this abominable act, thestate government has decided to invoke a stiff punishment for offenders in the child right law. “Assuch, when the bill is passed, anyone caught would remain behind bars for life. ”He added that the law also criminalise child trafficking, child labour, street hawking, and begging, which are common practices in the state.“Similarly, exposing children to obscene materials like phonographic content has also been criminalised. “Offenders would be imprisoned ormade to pay fine of N500, 000 for individuals and one to five million for companies, plus a two-year ban.“The proposed law also de-emphasise detaining or locking up children for juvenile offences, having realised that detention do not help the children in anyway. “What the law proposed in place of detention is community service, which in all sense could instill some level of discipline in juvenile offenders. “Education was also covered in the law, making it mandatory for every child to acquire basic education,” the official added. Samson also said that the state government would be deeply involved in issues bordering on welfare and development of children.According to him, based on the proposed law, government would take away children from parents, caregivers, or guardian who failed to properly cater for children under them. He added that guidelines for fostering and adoption of children was provided in the bill, for people who wish to adopt or foster a child. The UNICEF, in conjunction with ministries, departments and agencies concerned with children, had in 2015 held series of meetings to push for the domestication of the Child Right Act in the state.Key stakeholders in the various meetings, including the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), produced the redrafted law which was vetted by the Justice ministry.


Photos: Kano State Students On Scholarship In India Meets With Governor Ganduje

The Executive Governor of Kano State Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR met with 41 representatives of Kano State students studying in various universities in India. The Governor was accompanied by Right Hon Kabir Alhassan Rurum, Speaker Kano State House of Assembly, Special Adviser on Power and Energy, Engr Hamisu Lambu and the Executive Secretary Kano State Scholarship Board, Prof Fatima Umar.His Excellency stated that he was in India to attend the formal commissioning of Skipper Seil Limited's transformer plant but seized the opportunity to also see the students as it has been in the pipeline for a while. The governor explained to the students the challenges facing not just Kano State in terms ofeconomic crisis but also the nation at large. He said that many states are struggling to pay Salaries but Kano has been consistent in paying civil servants both at state and local govt levels, and still manage to handle other pending but necessary needs of the state, including paying offees and allowances of Kano students on scholarship within and outside the country. His Excellency promised the students that he will continue to settle all their fees as soon as possible and asked them to ensure they remain focused on their studies in order to finish with flying colors and return home to find employment with assistance from the state government.

On their part, some of the students that spoke thanked the governor for the payment of 3 months upkeep allowances (Jan-March) and confirmed that they've all received their alerts, and also extended their appreciation for His Excellency's promise to settle the remaining balance. They also told the governor some other challenges they are facing and urged him to lookinto them with a view to addressing them.The students also gave his Excellency a special commemorative plaque as a sign of appreciation for his administration's continued support.

Salihu Tanko Yakasai DG Media & Communications Government House, Kano.

28th August, 2016.

Photos: Over 250 houses destroyed by flood & windstorm in Sokoto state

According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), about 1, 312 people were affected and more than 250 houses were destroyed by flood and windstorm in Dange-Shuni Local Government Area, Sokoto.NEMA authorities in the area led a joint assessment team round places ravaged by the disaster and saw first hand the huge loss of properties suffered by the victims. No single human life was however lost.

My wife always beats me, man tells court

A 46-year-old man, Ogah Alexander, has told a Mararaba Upper Area Court that his wife, Helen, beats him because he is physically challenged.He urged the court to dissolve his 13-year-oldmarriage which was blessed with four children, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.He said, “My wife beats and disrespects me because I am deformed in my hand. ”The petitioner said he once bought a car for his wife but she gave the car to her pastor without his knowledge or consent.“I came back from work one day and she told me that the pastor had an accident with the car and when I confronted her that I did not give the car to the pastor, she slapped me. “I received the beating of my life from her to the extent that she grabbed my private parts and tried to kill me,” Alexander added. He also told the court that it had been over a year since he had sex with his wife because of the injury he sustained when she grabbed his private parts.Helen, however, was not in court in spite of the court’s summons on her.The presiding judge, Ibrahim Shekaru, adjourned the case till September 2, 2016.

Is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi wasting away in Kano? by Dr Ahmed Adamu

His name is Sarki Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. He saved 24 commercial banks in Nigeria that were on the brink of collapse

Sitting on the throne of the Kano Emirate stool is the no-nonsense and fearless, I dare say saviour ofthe Nigerian financial sector. The global and African central bank governor of the year (2010), a whistle blower and fighter, one ofthe 100 most influential people inthe world (2011), an Islamic scholar and a ranking Fulani noble man. His name is Sarki Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. He saved 24 commercial banks in Nigeria that were on the brink of collapse. You won’t be wrong if you say he is perceived as the most courageous public servant who took mustered the courage to expose what many reckoned as excessive corruptionand financial mismanagement against the government of his time. His bravery and boldness came with a stiff price that caused his suspension from office, not knowing that truth will pay him even more few months after. As the Nigerian central bank governor, his policies were against the extreme capitalists who accumulated illegal wealth at the expense of the poor. He was the people’s bank governor, and ensured softer banking policies for the masses and guaranteed their deposits. He sacked powerful bank managing directors and charged them for their corrupt practices, a move that many termed “Sanusi Thunami”. The introducer of the cashless economy and an orator and mentor to the young people. He was the first from northern Nigeria to become the MD of the First Bank Plc, one of the biggest financial institutions in Africa. A renown economist with 30 years of banking experience, he is also a development economist and practitioner. In his anti-corruption campaign, he opposed the Nigerian petroleum subsidy regime that subsidises corruption. He is the emir of the second ranking royal kingdom in northern Nigeria. He once asked his followers to revenge on attacks by Boko Haram militant group, a call that led to an attack on his mosque killing more than 150 of his people.

Having briefly described who Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is, who I would rather call SLS, one would believe that such a person is a national resource that any country will long to have. I do not see a better time when Nigeria needed the services of SLS again than now. A time when the historical democratic revolution became possible in Nigeria, a time when the long awaited change arrived, a time when the masses look up with high hope and optimism into the future, and a time when the country is yearning for seasoned technocrats to actualise the real change.Unequivocally, this is not the timefor trial and error in some sensitive government positions, itis not time for political compensations.It is time to build a new Nigeria; the tested and trusted ones must be brought forward even against their wishes to deliver national assignments. However, they must be mixed with younger ones to train and inspire them. Nigeria does not want to fail again. The democratic prosperity of the country lies on the success of this administration, so it is the responsibility of all Nigerians to pitch in and contribute toward upholding the democratic virtues in Nigeria. The failure of this administration will be tantamount to dampening the spirit of democratic transparency and honesty. The struggle that Nigerians undertookto ensure democracy prevails must be compensated with excellent performance by the government, and this cannot happen without people like SLS. This is the time we need to flush out corruption entirely from Nigeria, the time to put back our economy back on track. The time to restore the value of the Naira, the time to diversify the economy,and the time to create more jobs. And SLS has all it takes to help this administration achieve theseobjectives. I will call it a suicide mission if Nigeria fails this time around, while people like SLS are just watching on the throne.It sounds delusional for some promising royal families to be obsessed to the traditional institutions. There is much more SLS can offer to humanity than just being a king. It is sad that such a resource person is consumed by obsession for traditional institution. Despite SLS’s vast experience, he is now confined to a particular place, ruling only the people of Kano without much economic and political power to make decisive changes. SLS is now under the state control managed by politicians, whose rules sometimes supersedes that of the king. In modern democratic structure, traditional rulers have little or no role; most of their duties are now placed on relevant government ministries and departments. The question therefore is what is the compelling roles of kings in our societies today that will prevent them from offering their services to the country? Some will say they settle disputes and serve as a monument of the historical lineage of the then powerful kings, who fought wars and institute governance pre-colonial era. The king is more or less ceremonial, because in every district, he has representative who is closer to the people and settles their disputes. So, a king can even rule from anywhere, as long as he receives reports from the districts and royal heads. With Sharia courts, people may not have to resort to the emiratesto settle grievances any more. I do not intend to condemn the entire traditional institution, because at least I am a fan of durbar back in Katsina, and I love to see the traditional heads in their royal horses with beautiful decorations.Therefore, you can see now SLS is beyond just being a Kano king, in fact, he was the preferred presidential candidate of many, and until he was appointed emir, he was among the front presidential hopefuls. His speechat the Abuja TeDex convinced many young people that he has what it takes to rule not just Kanobut Nigeria. Nigerians should riseand demand for the service of SLS once again. He should pull off that turban and take eight years sabbatical leave from the emirate and come to Abuja as minister of finance, and then he can go back and rule Kano till his death. While he is on the sabbatical leave, he can keep visiting the emirate just like the way Buhari visits his farm regularly. SLS may wish to continue wearing his royal attires,and will always go to Kano for the official durbar ceremony twice a year. Therefore, I call on PMB to appoint SLS as a minister in his cabinet, and force him to accept the offer in the event he hesitates.

Dr. Ahmed Adamu is a Petroleum Economist and Development Expert, pioneer Global Chair person of Common wealth Youth Council and a University Lecturer (Economics), Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina.

Sardauna Foundation Donates N20m To Borno IDPs

The Late Sir Ahmadu Bello Foundation, popularly known as the Sarduana Foundation, has donated N20 million to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Borno State through Governor Kashim Shettima yesterday in Maiduguri. Presenting the donation at the Government House Council Chambers to Governor Shettima, the chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT ) of the foundation, who is also the former Niger State Governor and former chairman, Northern State Governors Forum, Engr Babangida Aliyu, said the foundation found it very vital to make its contribution in the form of financial support  to the IDPs by joining other individuals and organisations both athome and abroad, in supporting the traumatised and displaced people.He also commended the federal and state governments as well as individuals and organisations that have supported the state government in its efforts towards managing and controlling the IDPs and resettlement camps.“The task is not a simple one and government alone cannot provide all the needs of the IDPs as well as reconstruction of the communities destroyed.“I urge individuals and organisations to support the IDPs and state government to overcome the predicament. I commend Aliko Dangote Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their support to the IDPs and Borno State Government,” Aliyu said.

Responding, Governor Kashim Shettima thanked the Sarduana Foundation leaders for their visit as well as their donation. He assured them that the donation would be judiciously used for the purpose it is meant for while recalling the virtues of late Sir Ahmadu Bello who left behind a legacy worthy of emulation by the northern leaders. Governor Shettima further urged the BOT members to ensure that the legacy the lateSarduana of Sokoto left behind is upheld, especially his efforts in uniting the northern region irrespective  of tribe, religion or political background. He said the late Sardauna lived his lifetime fighting for the unity  and progress of the north, while appealing to the northern leaders to stand up to the unity and progress of the north.“I am assuring you that with the efforts of the federal government and Nigerian Military, peace will soon finally return to the state and region and Borno will return to its rightful position of home of peace.“ I commend President Muhammadu Buhari  and Nigerian Military for the sacrifices they have made to return peace in Borno and northeast region,” Shettima said.

PDP leaders move to begin peace talks with Sheriff

In the aftermath of the botched convention of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Port Harcourt, leaders of the party have again initiated moves to reconcile with its former chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff, who has continued to lay claims to the leadership of the party, despite court ruling declaringhim a usurper.Vanguardgathered in Abuja, yesterday, that two governors of the party and the chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees, BoT, have met with Senator Sheriff afterthe convention to bring him on board in a one united party.A former member of the House of Representatives and staunch supporter of Senator Sheriff, who craved anonymity, toldVanguardthat at separate meetings with the governors and the Board of Trustees chairman, Senator Sheriff reiterated his demands which, among others, include the dissolution of the Makarfi-led caretaker committee and the composition of a new committee made up of his nominees and others to conduct a fresh convention for the party.The member said: “The governors came begging and Senator Sheriff reiterated his earlier demands. Having come this far in trying to salvage the party, we cannot affordto hand over the party to the governors so that they can continue with their impunity.“What happened at the so-called convention in Port Harcourt has vindicated Sheriff’s position that the governors have not learned anything from the results of the 2015 election.“Sheriff is out to salvage the party and return it to its owners who are the masses. Nigerians should commend Sheriff for standing up to the shenanigans of the governors.”


Photos: Flood ravages some communities in Niger state

 Some communities in Niger state have been ravaged by flood following rainfall that lasted well over 24 hours. The rainfall began on Friday August 26th and did not stop until late Saturday August 27th. Many farmlands in the affected communities have been destroyed by the flood.

Gunmen kill 1 in Kaduna community

A father of five was on Saturday, August 20, 2016 killed as unknown gunmen attacked Ligali, a community behind Gonin-gora village in Chikun local government area of Kaduna state.
According to a family that fled as a result of the attack, the gunmen stormed the area around 2am on Saturday, fully armed and in search of the Head of the area.

Katsina onion farmers record bumper harvest

Onion farmers in Katsina State, this year, recorded bumper harvest just as high market demand of the produce has pushed its price higher than last year’s.
Usman Almu Bazanga, an onion farmer in Danja LGA, attributed the current high price to shortage of the produce in market as only few of the farmers cultivated it.
“Two things happened to onion this year. Many of its farmers have shifted to the cultivation of maize and rice, while the few that cultivated it recorded a bumper harvest,” he said.
He said some farmers concentrated on the production of maize and rice, this year, a development that affected the volume of onion produced.
This has significantly affected the supply volume of the produce which pushed its price higher than that of last year.