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FG releases N150bn for Women Entrepreneurship Development

The Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Sen. Aisha Alhassan, on Sunday said the Federal Government had released N150 billion for women entrepreneurship development in Nigeria.Alhassan, who is on an official visit to Taraba, told newsmen in Jalingo that the money was part of the N500 billion Social Protection Fund.According to her, the fund has been deposited at the Bank of Industry (BoI) for women entrepreneurs to access.She said out of the fund, N1.6 billion was earmarked for micro finance scheme for women.The minister said that sensitisation campaign on how to access the fund had already begun and that during her visit to the state she had sensitised women groups on how to access the facility.Alhassan also revealed that the National Gender Policy was currently under review to enhance inclusiveness and participation of women in all spheres of government.
On violence against children, the minister said 24 out of the 36 states of the federation had domesticated the Child Rights Act. “The Child Rights Act is a document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of the child in Nigeria and provides for a system of child protection and administration.“ 24 states have so far domesticated the Act. I hope the remaining states will do that soon.“ I planned to visit the Taraba House of Assemblyto sensitise them on the need to domesticate the Act but ,unfortunately, they are on recess.“ However, I am calling on the lawmakers to domesticate the Act in the state for the good of our children and grandchildren.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Alhassan is in Taraba to highlight the achievement of President Buhari’s administrationin the last one year and to also donate relief materials to Internally Displaced Persons ( IDPs) across the state .
(NAN )

Police confirm murder of Mathematics teacher in Sokoto

The Sokoto State Police Command has confirmed the alleged murder of a Lebanese, Mr Moin Amsuri, a Mathematics Teacher, at the prestigious Nagarta College, Sokoto. The Spokesman of the command, Mr El-Mustapha Sani, made the confirmation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN). '' The deceased was suspected to have been killed by gunmen who are right now at large.'' The incident was said to have occurred on Thursday at his residence in Yauri flats, Sokoto, and it was reported to the Gwiwa Police Station on the same day.'' We are suspecting that the assailants were armed robbers as his Toyota car is still missing,'' Sani said
The spokesman said the command would not relent until the perpetrators of the nefarious act were fished out and brought to justice. NAN reports that the funeral prayer of the deceased was conducted on Friday in Sokoto, according to Islamic rites.It was attended by the Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Bashir Garba, and Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu, among other dignitaries.The late Amsuri, who taught Mathematics in various Secondary Schools in the state for over three decades, was buried in Sokoto.The last school where he taught, Nagarta College,is the alma mater of many highly placed Nigerians including second republic President Shehu Shagari and the Premier of the defunct Northern Nigeria, Late Sir Ahamadu Bello.

Basket of Tomato crashes from N25,000 to N800

The price of tomato has crashed from N25,000 toN800 a basket. Few months ago, the price of the essential commodity skyrocketed following the spread of tuta absoluta also known as ‘tomato ebola’ in most of the states that plant and harvestTomatoes in large quantities. As of this morning, a basket of Tomato in Kaduna sold for as low as N800.

Kaduna community blame recent earth tremor on the "activities of prostitutes and homosexuals"

Residents of the Hayin Magina area of Ikara, in Kaduna State has blamed the recent mini-earthquake they witnessed, on the "activitiesof prostitutes and homosexuals." The earth tremor manifested largely on a massive rock and affected nearby houses. It caused cracks on the rock and visible cracks on walls of houses. Somewitnesses described it as having been a thunderous noise which sounded like a bomb blast. It woke sleeping residents at about 10:43pm, Daily Trust reports.Some houses in the area were deserted, as the occupants were said to have left out of fear. The remaining inhabitants, also, are visibly shaken and are still shaking from the experience.Malam Mustapha Musa, whose carpentry workshop was closed in wake of the quake said the incident is a warning to those who have madehomosexuality their trade."It’s nothing but a warning from Allah, the most high. Many heartless residents have made the rock a safe haven for raping our young boys. On many occasions, victims were found wounded by rapists around the rock. Parents of some of theseboys are still battling to restore them. Those who cannot afford medical bills are suffering in silence," he said."Allah is tired with what is happening in Ikara. Apart from the rape of innocent boys, there are many criminal activities taking place here. Most of the perpetrators are known, but it is like they are above the law." he added.Investigation revealed that efforts of clerics and residents ensured that the old town of Ikara, in Ikara local government area of Kaduna State, got rid of commercial sex workers. A major street in the town formerly called ‘Unguwan Karuwai’, (Sex Workers Area) has been renamed Yaka Malam following the expulsion of the prostitutes, cross-dressers and others from the area.After that, the town of Ikara has been calm and peaceful until the recent tremors. Sani, one of those whose houses were affected by the quake who described the incident as traumatic."Actually, I have never witnessed something like that. When the quake started, my entire house was shaking. I thought that the world had come to an end. It is indeed something that one has to keep reflecting on because it is only Allah that is capable of shaking the earth like that," Sani said."Another thing that made many of us to vacate our houses was that the quake reoccurred after about seven days. On the two occasions, the quake occurred in the night.

"Sarkin Ikara, Alhaji Aliyu Suleiman, confirmed to Daily Trust that state government officials had visited the site. On associating the quake to sins committed in Ikara, he agreed that Allah uses such incidents to serve as warning. He however said that both traditional and government leaders are taking measures to bring the criminal acts to an end."We’ve put measures in place to ensure that anyone caught committing such sins will be made to regret it. One of the measures is to assign the youths to strip the criminal naked and take him round the town before being handed over to the authorities for further action. Those that are seen as leaders, or men of integrity, but engage in such acts, will be summoned and warned to desist. If they refuse, we will expose them. There will be no sacred cows." said Alhaji Suleiman.Sarki Suleiman also accused non-indigenes for engaging in the unsavoury acts, eventually luring indigenes. Chief Imam of Ikara GRA Juma’at Mosque, Malam Bello Hamza, used the weekly Juma’at prayers that followed the incident to counsel residents to desist from sins that would attract the anger of Allah.However, a professor of Geography at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Ibrahim Musa Jaro, said earthquakes are usually cause by"compressional and tensional” forces. He also said that the belief of the residents is a religious one that cannot be ruled out, adding that since Allah has warned people to desist from sin, disobedience could lead to His anger.

Source: Daily Trust

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Divorce Diary Season 3 Episode IV July 30th 2016

I met Karima when she came to serve in my office. She looked really cute in her NYSC Khaki and I couldn’t resist talking to her. She was beautiful with smooth dark skin and a smile to melt even Hitler’s heart, I was in love. I was falling and falling very hard.  Who says NYSC is useless?
Before long, I was obsessed with her. I was always calling her. It became my habit to give her a lift home from work, every day after work. I utilised the opportunity to get to know her better.  I was fascinated by her, I was fascinated by every single thing she did. I just couldn’t live without her. She was loving, beautiful and kind. A combination of beauty and brains and a heart of gold. I don’t know any man worth his salt that can resist such a lady.  So I went in for Karima hard. Karima was from a family of academics and she was the only daughter.  Understandably Karima was the apple of her father’s eye. And she was a spoilt daddy’s girl.

Hallaccin Sarauta Episode 37

Continuation of Hallaccin Sarauta Episode 37

Read the previous episodes HERE

falmata kashe kanta ne batayiba domin amincewar da sarki yayi, ta tura duk wanda take ganin zai iya magana wa sarki anma taci tura, waliyyim aliya shine alh.hussieni anma sufyan yayi kif da ido akan bai san zance ba, dole akarshe aka bukaci alh.hamidu yazama waliyyi, duk soyayyan dayakewa hassana yayine domin yasamu hankakinta anma daga karshe yaga sone na gaskiya , hussiena ma tasha alwashin zaman lafiya kam aliya da yusuf bazasu sameshiba agydan Anyi zama a kotu inda lawyernsu sufyan yaci karan, kotu tabawa alh.hussieni zaman prison na shekara ashirin da daya sannan ta bukaci daya fidda gadonsu ko kuma kotu taci tararsa, a ranan aliya tayi kukan farim ciki tunda take bata tabajin kwanciyan hankali irinna ranan ba, jitayi kaman ansauke mata dutsen badr akirjinta, tuni ta maida hankalinta kan batun aurenta duk da tasan tashin hankalin dazata shiga, antyn abuja ne ta bukaci taje don su samu ayi siyayyanta, ta tattara dan komatsanta duk da yusuf bai so ba, shi yanzu babban damuwansa yaga ya aureta, Sunyi sallama tatafi yayinda yakoma fada, shigansa yatarar da bilkisu da abincinsa, zama yayi yarike kai yana tunani kansa yamasa nauyi har yanzu falmata taki yarda da auren, yasan son zuciyanta ne anata tunanin wai saidai ya auri hussiena, shi haryau hussiena bata kwanta masa arai ba , bilkisu ce tayi tari hakan yadawo dashi daga tunaninsa yakalleta sannan yace "meke faruwa acikin gyda gameda aurena" kanta a kasa tace "Gimbiya yakolo tafara shiri, yayinda gimbiya falmata bata fara ba, ita shirinta da hussiena takeyi" Baice komi ba yatashi yafice sannan yanufi fannin falmata anma sa iso sannan yashiga daga ciki tana zaune akan kujera yazauna akasa abinda bayayi, hakan yatabbatar mata da bukata yazo dashi, bata kulashiba yasa kanshi akasa sannan yace "Ina neman amincewarki na auren aliya" "Ban bayarba, kuma ko bayan raina ban sa baki ba" "Inaso kibani hujjanki wanda addini ta haramta min auren aliya" "Yar kan titi!! Yarinya tagama gantalinta agari! Kowani dan iska ya kwasa! Kainan tayi fitsari tabaka kasha ba dole kabiya kaman agwagwa ba!" Ga mamakinta taga yamike yafice , baikuma cewa komiba, tunda shi mahaifinsa yasa albarka hujjanta ba kwakkwara bane dazatace masa kar ya auri aliya, fannin yakolo yaje, yasami hauwa tana ganinsa tafice don haryanzu tsoronsa takeji, yakolo tayi murmushi tareda masa iso, bayan karasowarsa yazauna dum a kasa, nan da nan tagano alfarma yazo nema, yagaysheta ta amsa masa sannan yace "Naje gun gimbiya na nemi ta amince min auren aliya taki yarda, kuma hujjojinta ba ingantattu bane, kitaimaka ko zakisa baki" "Bakomi yusuf, kasan mahaifinka inta sa rai akan abu, kai yakamata ka lallabata anma zan gwada kokarina kaji"

"Nagodr Allah yasaka da alheri" Ficewa tayi, tuni abdullahinta ya fado mata arai, tasan yarinyar dayakeso aketa rikici akai, gashi cikin mata yafara fitowa duk da sunriketa tana fadan akan saita haihu tukun zasu barta tafita, Yakolo tayi iya kokarinta don fahimtar da falmata anma falmata kaman ana zuba mata man fetur, dahaka biki ya matso kusa aliya tadawo gari saidai tagagara zama, rokon yusuf tayi akan ko zai taimaka yabata aron bilkisu, haka kuwa akayi , tuni bilki tafara taimaka mata, jin aliya zata auri dan sarki tuni dangin nesa da wanda aka manta dasu suka fara bayyana kowa saiyace yazo auren marainiyan Allah, Ran jumaa aka daura auren aliya da yusuf, inda akayi dinner daredare nagani nafada, munsha gwaggori munsha rawa,yusuf na makale da matarsa, hannunsa gam anata shi yanzu gani yake duk duniya bawanda yakaishi hakuri da juriyan dayayi, angama dinner inda aka kai amarya fanninta side guda aka ware mata a fada, dakuna uku da falo biyu,tabbas tasamu kaya tasha gata, sufyan yashare mata hawaye tayi kukan rashin iyaye anma batayi maraici ba, kowa yayi mamakin ganin yadda falmata tasake ranta da maganan biki, harwani jan aliya take ajiki, acewarta komi yawuce,anma aliya tagagara sakewa da ita, randa aka kaita an watse aliya tana kunshe jikin gyalen kyabban da aka rufata dashi duk ta kagu tana jiran angon nata,don tsoro takeji dakin ya mata girma sosai, kukan kare tafaraji, dafarko bai dametaba anma datayi tunanin gydan babu inda aka ajiye kare, tuni tafara tsorata kodai yusuf yasiya ya ajiye a fanninta ne? Toh anma matsalanta shine jin kukan take kaman agabanta yakeyi, hannunta ne yafara bari tafara salati da dan karfi sannan taji shiru, can kuma takarajin kukan karen daga nesa saikuma karan kofa, saura kadan tasake fitsari awandonta taji anbude kofan, yusuf ne batasan lokacin data rungumoshiba, jikinta na bari jinhaka yasa shima ya kamata, sunfi mintoti ahaka kafin yajawota yazaunar da ita akan lallausan gadon,

"leeya meya sameki?" Bata bashi amsaba, tafarajin wani kukan karen wannan karon harda kulya, salati takeyi jikinta na bari, tuni jikinsa yayi sanyi domin bata cikin hayyacinta, alwala yadauro yace itama tayi anma dole saida yarakata toilet din don tsoron datakeji. Tafito yajasu sallah yakamo kanta yatofa mata addua, sannan yafara tambayanta akan littafai daga kan fiqhu, hadiths da dan tauhid, yayi mamaki sosai dayaga tanada sani, baitaba zaton tasani sosaiba, daganan ne yace "mezakici?" "Babu kabarshi" Cire mata kallabin yayi, sannan yarikota naman ya yaga kadan yafara bata tana tauna ahankali yabata da soya milk haka taci takoshi sannan yace tadan kwanta, tana kwanciya taji kukan karen zumbur tamike kaman an tsira mata allura, rikota yayi yana tofa mata addua, atakaice haka suka kwana a zaune har asuba, dazaran zata kwanta sai kukan kare ko qulya, asuba nayi sukaji shiru, hakan yabashi daman fita masallaci, tana sallah bata fitoba saboda baccin daya kwasheta, karfe shida daidai saiga umma uwar tsoro falmata ta turota buga mata kofan tayi can dai tabude, bata tasheta ba ta nufi kan gadon taja bedshit din tafice, kaiwa falmata tayi wanda tana zaune tana jira ganin babu komi akan bedshit din yasa ta salati, tana cewa "saida na gayawa yusuf wannan yarinyan tagama gantalinta, yaki yarda, kue kudauko min ita," Dauko aliya cak akayi aka wurgata akasa. Jiri ne yake dibanta anma tuni ta warsake don ruwan sanyi tas falmata tasa aka watsa mata, alokacin yakolo tazo ranta yayi mummunan baci, inba raina darajan dan adam ba yazaayi matar danki dan cikinki zakina wulakantawa? Tuni fa gyda ya hargitse, nima benaxiratu idona na rufewa anma dole nabudesu don ganin mexai faru.

To be continue....

Godiya ga Benaxir Umar da ta rubuta.

PHOTOS: Emir Of Kano And Gov. Ganduje Commission Mosque Built By Saudi Arabia

The Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi II and Kano state Governor Umar Ganduje with other members of his government & other top dignitaries commissioned a Jumaat Mosque, which was constructed by a citizen of Saudi Arabia under the supervision of Saudi Consulate in Kano State.

Photos: FG Starts Work On Kano Western Bye-pass & Naibawa Fly over

UPDATE ON THE RESUMPTION OF WORK ON THE KANO WESTERN BYE-PASS ROAD PROJECT | section 2 & 3 , Naibawa flyover interchange - Kwanar madobi-BUK road-mil Tara roundabout Work has resumed on the above named abandoned road project since last week. When completed, it will ease traffic on the existing roads networks in Kano metropolis. Baba Buhari you are working ,we are seeing and we are appreciating. With able and trusted aides like the Hon. Super minister FASHOLA, SGF BD Lawal , AGF ABUBAKAR Abubakar Malami San WE have no cause for concern ,as all missions will be attained.

Dogara denies sharing $20,000 each to appropriations C’ttee members

SPEAKER of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara yesterday denied the allegation by the former Chairman of Appropriation Committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin that he (Dogara) gave out $20,000 each to members of the appropriation committee where they accused Jibrin of single-handedly doctoring the 2016 budget.

Yakubu-Dogara Speaker who spoke through his Deputy Chief of Staff, CID Maduabum said he did not at any time meet or hand over any money of any sort to any member of the appropriation committee.He said, “my attention has been drawn to a statement issued by thedisgraced and sacked former chairman of appropriation committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin wherein he falsely, recklessly and maliciously claimed that I distributed $20,000 to each member of the committee to address the media where they stated their grouse against him.“I wish to state that I did not at any time meet or hand over any money of any sort to any member of the House Appropriation Committee. This accusation is not only a lie butpure fiction, a figment of his imagination which can only come from a man whose soul is deeply corrupted. “It is really shocking that this kind of despicable character could slip through the political process and become an honourable member of the House of Representatives, a highly respected institution where we all passed through. “This has confirmed that Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin is a serial blackmailer, a man with the basest of motives whose sanity has become questionable.”


PDP convention: Daniel steps downor Dokpesi

The former governor of Ogun state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel on Friday announced that he will no longer seek the chairmanship position of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the national convention billed for August 17 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state but will be supporting High Chief Raymond Dokpesi for the post.The two term governor stated this when he hosted Dokpesi and his team at Conference Hotel & Suites, Sagamu, adding that he has confidence in the ability of the media mogul to rebuild the party and make it the darling of Nigerians. He said he has been under pressure from stakeholders to contest, but he will abandon his ambition to support Dokpesi.“I have known High Chief for more than four decades and it beholds on me that I should support him whenever he is seeking any position,” he said amidst applause. Chief Dokpesi thanked Otunba Daniel, assuring him that he will not disappoint as he will work assiduously to bring unity to the PDP South Westand ensure that the party wins elections in the region.The PDP delegates from Ogun state, prayed for him and pledged their support during the convention.Ogun is the 13th state visited by Dokpesi and histeam made up of former Chief Whip of the senate, Victor Kassim Oyofo; Edo state PDP organizing secretary, Hon. Henry Duke Tenebe; former chairman of PDP Kaduna, Chief Abubakar Gaiya Haruna and his Nasarawa counterpart, Chief Yunaha Iliya. Others are Mrs. Kafilat Ogbara, Prince Lekan Tejuoso, Benson Olaoluwa,Sola Kuti among others.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Photos: Chief of Army Staff visits injured soldiers and UN workers injured during an ambush in Bama yesterday

The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TukurYusufu Buratai yesterday night visited the wounded soldiers and the 2 staff of the United Nations Agencies and other international humanitarian organizations that were injured during an ambush by Boko Haram members in Bama, Borno state yesterday July 28th.Four soldiers, a UNICEF employee and an IOM contractor were injured during the attack. All injured victims are currently being treated at the Accident and Emergency Ward of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. All of them are instable conditions.

We’ll Focus on Solid Training for Young Nigeria – VP Osinbajo

Besides encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit among the Nigerian youth, focus should also be on ensuring that young Nigerians are well-trained in whatever discipline or professional calling they may chose, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN. While noting the importance of entrepreneurship, Prof. Osinbajo said “we should emphasize training too, solid training. For whatever you are, you can be the best in it…

Building the very best minds should be the focus. ”According to him, “if you are a graduate of history, you should be so well-trained to be the best historian,” the VP said during a research presentation to him by Course 24 Participants of the National Defence College. “I think we should bear in mind also that even if you are not an entrepreneur, but you are competent in whatever your field of endeavour or whatever your discipline is, if you are well-trained in any type of profession, you are a major contributor to the GDP, you are a major contributor to the well being of the society,” the VP declared. While commending the participants for their research titled

“Youth Bulge in Nigeria: Implications for National Security,” Prof. Osinbajo added that government would “still continue to maintain focus on very good solid training so that whatever you are, you can contribute to the society. ”The presentation noted the significant youth population in the country could be turned into a positive engine for national growth through entrepreneurship. Captain O. A. Olodude, of the Nigerian Navy, who made the presentation on behalf of Course 24 participants stated that if the youth are not harnessed through schemes such as NYSC Entrepreneurial Scheme, training in agriculture, ICT and others, to tackle unemployment, they would affect the society negatively. Earlier, the Commandant of the National Defence Collage and leader of the delegation, Rear Admiral Samuel Alade, said the Course 24 has 130 Participants 7 of which are from other countries including Niger, Republic of Benin, Ghana, Zambia and Sierra Leone. He revealed that the next course will have participants from Germany, Turkey, Brazil and India. He stated that in the 25 years of the Collage, this is the first research presentation of its kind. Vice President Osinbajo, who promised to send the recommendations of the research to relevant government agencies, has also been recognized with the Distinguished Personality Award of the National Defence Collage. In another development, the Vice President received on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari a delegation from the government of Guinea Bissau led by Prime Minister Baciro Dja. The Prime Minister came as a Special Envoy of President Jose Mairo Vaz of Guinea Bissau to deliver a special message. Vice President Osinbajo commended the government of Guinea Bissau for its constitutional and peaceful management of the country’s affairs noting that “at the end of the day the whole purpose of government is to help the people not to harm them in the process of political conflict.

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Troops Repel Ambush On Humanitarian Escort Convoy

Troops  returning from Bama on humanitarian escort duty, were ambushed enroute Maiduguri by suspected remnants of Boko Haram terrorists hiding in Meleri village, a few kilometres from Kawuri.Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman disclosed this in a press release issued in Abuja. The gallant troops however, successfully cleared the ambush and exploited up to Afunori.
Unfortunately, 2 soldiers and 3 civilians were wounded in the ambush, among whom were staff of United Nations agencies and other international humanitarian organizations.The wounded have been evacuated to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri and they are in stable condition. The Nigerian Army wishes to sympathize with our wounded colleagues, the United Nations and other Non-governmental organizations whose personnel were also injured in this sad incident.We wish to reiterate our determination and  commitment to ensuring safety and security in the North East and safeguarding the lives of all persons.


Gbagyi community residents protest planned demolition by Kaduna govt

Hundreds of aggrieved women and children, yesterday, trooped into the streets of Kaduna metropolis protesting the planned demolition of 3,500 houses, 40 churches and 16 schools at the 35,000-strong Gbagyi villa community. Gov. Nasir-El-RufaiGovernor Nasir el-Rufai is insisting on demolishing the community situated in the suburb of Kaduna despite a restraining court order, claiming the place was illegally occupied by ‘criminals’ on a land allegedly belonging to Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna.

El-Rufai had, a week ago, visited Ggabyi villa with his officials and refused to meet with leaders of the community, saying every structure standing that does not have a certificate-of-occupancy, C-of-O, and a building permit would be demolished despite the subsisting court order stopping him from doing so.However, the protesting women and children of Gbagyi, who carried placards with inscriptions such as ‘We are not criminals,’ ‘el-Rufai came to power through rule-of-law; respect it,’ ‘el-Rufai cannot be the accuser and judge,’said they did not break any law and pleaded with the governor to see reason with them.Chairman, Gbagyi Villa Property Owners Association, Chris Abba, said less than two percent of the millions of homes and property in Kaduna State had C-of-O, but that almost every property in Ggagyi villa had valid building permits from Kaduna State Urban Planning Development Authority, KASUPDA.He said: “If it is not this week the governor may have issued a C-of-O for his father’s house in Zaria, we challenge him to produce one. There are ulterior motives behind his insistence to effect this demolition.”

Sultan condemned politicians for sharing $15billion arms cash

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday condemned the sharing of cash from the Office of National Security Adviser (NSA) among some politicians, describing the act as ungodly. He endorsed the anti-graft war of President Muhammadu Buhari  and sought more international support for the campaign. He spoke with some top officials at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington DC, according to a statement by Kogunan Sokoto, Malam Danladi Bako. Bako, a former Sokoto State commissioner for Information, was on the Sultan’s delegation to the United States Former National Security Adviser (NSA) Col. Sambo Dasuki is awaiting trial for allegedly using his office to share billions of naira and dollars to politicians from the cash meant for the procurement of arms to fight Boko Haram. The government said the money shared by the ONSA under the immediate past administration was up to $15 billion. Many top politicians have been quizzed and others are either on trial or awaiting trial for their role in the matter. Some have also refunded money to avoid trial.

The statement said: “The Sultan not only endorsed the war against corruption, but decried the conversion of funds meant for the purchase of arms to fight Boko Haram to personal use by past government official. “This was done with the connivance of some unscrupulous politicians. Such funds would have enhanced the capacity of the military to fast track the curtailment of insurgency in the north east of Nigeria. ”It added: “The Sultan implored the international community to be patient with the Buhari administration in its agenda of improving on the economy, as well as the security situation in the country. ”Speaking on other security challenges like communal clashes, the farmers and herdsmen clashes, the Sultan said the government was on top of the situation with the support of traditional and religious leaders.

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We’re correcting our lapses as a nation, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday assured that lapses that have worked against Nigeria as a nation would be corrected. He gave the assurance while receiving a team led by Dr. Seth Berkley, Chief Executive Officer of Gavi and The Global Fund, at the State House in Abuja.In a statement by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Mr. Femi Adesina, Buhari said he was impressed with the patience and steadfastness of leading supporters of health care in Nigeria.He said: “Despite our shortcomings as a nation,we are making genuine efforts to correct the lapses. We are very serious about people behaving themselves, and being accountable.“We thank you for deciding to re-engage with us, despite our inefficiencies. You decided to be here, not minding our shortcomings. There are other countries that would bring less problems. We appreciate your commitment, and we will do our best to put ourselves in the best shape to help us,” Buhari said. Dr Berkley, who noted that the three focal points of the Buhari administration; security, economic development, and anti-corruption were critical to the future of Nigeria, had raised issues over the way donor funds for health care were utilized in the past. He said Gavi and the Global Fund were disappointed when forensic audit revealed systemic weaknesses and corruption in the utilization  of funds given in the past, adding that there is now a “breath of fresh air” under President Buhari’s  leadership and fight against corruption. According to him, they are now willing to close the books of the past, and look into future support.Minister of Health Prof Isaac Adewole, said those indicted in the audit of the donor funds in the past, which was done between 2010 and 2015, had already been questioned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and would be arraigned in court soon.

The Nation

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Court nullifies Makarfi-led PDP committee

A Federal High Court in Abuja has nullified the caretaker committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Ahmed Makarfi.
Justice Okon Abang Thursday held that the caretaker committee was illegally constituted and all the actions taken by it, including the appointment of legal representation, is unlawful, null and void.
Justice Abang observed that there were two orders of Federal High Courts in Lagos on May 12 and 20, 2016, which barred the PDP from taking steps on the tenure of Ali Modu Sheriff, adding that the orders were still subsisting when the party held its National Convention in Port Harcourt on May 25.
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Photos: Yunusa Liman Becomes The First Visually impaired man Local government caretaker in Nassarawa

Yunusa Mohammed Liman (right), a visually impaired youth that contested to be the Councillor of Lafia central ward in March 2013 but lost, has been sworn in as the Interim Management Committee Councilor of Gayam Ward of Lafia LGA by the state governor, Tank Al Mamakura. These photos show an overjoyed Liman after he was informed by the state governor that he had been nominated for the position.

Alleged budget padding: Abdulmumin Jibrin alleges Dogara diverted Fed. govt water project to his farm in Nasarrawa

Former chairman of the House of Representatives committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has released a new statement indicting speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara. According to Jibrin, Dogara fraudulently diverted  a Federal government water project to his farm in Nasarawa state.

Read his statement below Good morning fellow Nigerians, Everyday I will give additional allegation against Mr Speaker and the 3 others until the law catches up with them. Allegation no21 to Mr Speaker: why did you fraudulently divert a Fed Govt water project to your farm in Nasarawa and how are you funding the farm? When a new Speaker emerges and the other principal officers replaced, I will write to the presiding officers of both chambers to commence a radical internal reform in the entire NASS beyond budget to cover performance assessment, running cost and allowances, investigations etcIf the reform so done on NASS is not made publiclatest by December, I shall take it up and lay before the general public even if I am aloneThe idea is to do a clean up, flush out corruption and corrupt members so that in 2019 only corruptfree people who want to serve will come inGod Almighty knows I am not perfect but as I approach 40 years in September, I have always wondered what is it that I can live and die for...On one hand, I settled for aggressive rural agriculture with emphasis on migrating our farmers from subsistence to commercial farmingbut I woke up mid night yesterday to pray and SUDDENLY realized I have become AN ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST. This is noble and there is NO GOING BACK!I am a product of the establishment but something in me has never been comfortable. Iam so glad that by September 9th my 40th birthday everybody would have known where I stand for the rest of my life; rural agriculture and fight against corruption especially in the NASS For those who keep saying why now should realize that for every situation like this to occur, there must be a trigger how ever it looks!

Photos: The Cash Former Sokoto Gov Gave Traders Over The Recent Fire Incident.

Former Sokoto State Governor Attahiru Bafarawa has fulfilled his promise to traders and markers by giving them thirty million naira to sympathize the great loss during the fire incident in the Old market in Sokoto last week . The cash was disbursed by Ibrahim Milgoma who represented the former governor.

Abuja-Kaduna rail project our legacy, not APC’s — PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the Abuja-Kaduna Standard Gauge Rail Line Project commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari was conceptualized, awarded and constructed by the PDP administration and therefore not a legacy of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).A statement by the spokesman of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led national caretaker committee of the party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, said the rail project was conceptualized by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was elected under the platform of the PDP, while the successive administrations of former President Umaru Yar’adua and Goodluck Jonathan carried out 99 percent of work on the project.The PDP lamented that the “usual rhetoric” of the APC has been that the 16 years of PDP in power was a waste, though there are legacies to show, including the railway project. The PDP, therefore, asked the APC-led government to explain whether the railway project was also a waste. “The truth, which history will bear us out, is that the PDP in its 16 years of rule successfully completed numerous projects that substantively changed the infrastructural landscape of Nigeria. “Every one of those 16 years was a year of great productivity with remarkable landmark achievements. This is very much unlike the APC, which has already wasted one full year without even scratching one square meter of ground anywhere in the country,”

Prince Adeyeye said.

Katsina gets commissioner for Religious Affairs

The Katsina state Governor, Aminu Masari, has sworn  Alhaji Tanimu Audi Bindawa, as Commissioner in charge of Ministry for Religious Affairs. Bindawa, from Mani local government is the fifteenth Commissioner in the state executive council. Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony , Masari said the new appointment was meant  to ensure fairness and justice to all part of the state and in line with giving all parts of the state a sense of belonging in his administration.

Sokoto State Provides N4BN Loan For Farmers

The Sokoto State Government have made available a N4bn loan for its medium and large-scale farmers for the growth and development of agriculture in the state. The state Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Alhaji Nagwari Tambuwal, disclosed this on Wednesday in the capital.
He added that the loan which was accessed from Zenith Bank, would specifically go to rural farmers to enable them to purchase basic farming inputs for the cultivation of crops for domestic consumption and export. Alhaji Tambuwal also explained that the government it its capacity would try and modernize farming in the state by providing state-of-the-art equipment. The commissioner added that a committee had already been set up to ensure that only genuine farmers benefited from the loan.

“I Will Not Apologize To Dogara” – Hon.Jibrin

Embattled former chairman of the House of Reps Committee on Appropriation has fired anew salvo in the ongoing war of words with the Speaker. Honorable Abdulmumin Jibrin had earlier accused the Speaker and other principal members of the house of padding the budget. The Speaker has since denied the allegations and issued a 7 day ultimatum to Jibrin to withdraw the allegations or face legal action.
Dogara’s lawyers have threatened to file a libel suit but Honorable Jibrin remains unfazed. He said “I will not and will never apologize to a shameless fraud in high office who has glaringly abused public trust like speaker Dogara & 3 others”

El-Zakzaky Going Blind InDetention, Group Alleges

The academic forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) also known as the Shi’ite group has alleged that the leader of the group Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who has been in detention since December 2015 is going blind man and slowly crippled contrary to claims by those holding him.Recalled that Sheikh Zakzaky was arrested and has been in detention with the Department of State Security (DSS) following a clash between members of his group and the Nigerian Army since December 2015.Addressing a press conference in Kaduna yesterday, leader of the academic forum, Shuaibu Isa Ahmad said they are deeply concerned and worried about the present health condition of their leader who he said needs urgent medical attention.According to the forum, “constitutionally, it is mandatory for the Nigerian state and those holding him to release him urgently and unconditionally to enable him seek for proper medical care in any place of his choice, since he has not committed any crime. He should be freed from this illegal detention, holding him hostage is unconstitutional, it is a clear violation of his basic rights and therefore unacceptable.“We are calling on Nigerians and the international community to join us and stand for the truth, justice and fairness. Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and the rest of the one hundred and ninety one (191) innocent citizens should be released immediately and unconditionally.“It could be recalled that on July 25th, 2014, officers of the Nigerian Army led by Col. S.O Okuh tortured and murdered in cold blood, 34 of our brothers and sisters including three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky (H)Ahmad, Hamid and Mahmud. Additional three sons of the reverred Sheikh, Hammad, Ali Hydar and Humaid were massacredin his presence. This is indeed gross violation of fundamental human rights of fellow Nigerian citizens.”The forum also stressed that, it is a fact that murder, massacre, unjust imprisonment or detention, rape and torture are all crimes against humanity.“Following the massacre, over 472 women are now widows, over 1000 born to widows, 191 are still in prison custody, 2 died in prison and 68 of them are students, and over 300 were hospitalised with various degrees of injuries while many were burnt to death.”

Leadership News

Sheriff, Oladipo, Metuh, others move to stop PDP convention

Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja will today hear a motion for an interlocutory injunction seeking among others, an order stopping the national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) scheduled for August 17 in Port Harcourt. The judge  on Tuesday, granted the applicants, who are mostly members of the Ali Modu-Sheriff faction of the party, leave to have the application heard during the court’s long vacation. The applicants are Sheriff,  Prof.  Wale Oladapo(National Secretary); Dennis Alonge-Niyi (Deputy National Youth Leader); Alhaji Bashir Maidugu (Deputy National Legal Advier); Mrs. Hanatu Ulam (Deputy National Women Leader); Alhaji Lawal Dutsima Anchi (Deputy National Auditor); Chief Okey Nnadozie (Deputy National Organising Secretary) and Chief Olisa Metuh (National Publicity Secretary).The respondents are the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the PDP. The applicants said the interlocutory injunction is intended to preserve the res pending the determination of a substantive suit they filed on July 4 in which they argued among others, that by virtue of the PDP Constitution, their tenure expires in 2018.The nine plaintiffs said they filed the suit marked: FHC/ABJ/CS/464/2016 for themselves and on behalf of the Executive Committee/National Working Committee of the PDP.
The Sheriff faction of the party filed the interlocutory application on July 20 shortly after the Ahmed Makarfi faction announced August 17 for the party’s national convention. They specifically want the court to stop the party from going ahead with the planned national convention pending the determination of their substantive suit. Justice Abang had, while granting the applicants’ motion ex-parte for leave to have the application heard during vacation, said he ordinarily would not have granted it, but for the urgency involved. “It is deserving to be heard during the vacation by the judge nominated by the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court. But whether it will succeed is another issue entirely,” the judge said
He scheduled hearing of the application for today and directed that the issuance of  hearing notices on both respondents – the PDPand  INEC.

The Nation

Anybody indicted for budget padding must be prosecuted – Gowon

Former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd), on Wednesday called for the prosecution of anyone indicted for budget padding. He insisted that those connected to the matter should be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others. Speaking with journalists at the Health Caravanand Award Ceremony for the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, who was conferred with the title of Royal Ambassador for Hepatitis Advocacy in Nigeria, by the Seham Health Care Foundation, Gowon wondered why budget padding has become the order of the day in Nigeria.
He said such never occurred during his administration.He said: “If that is true. If anybody is doing that,the person should be checked and stopped to ensure that such does not occur in the future. We didn’t do it during my time. We had the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo in-charge of our finance during my time and he taught us to survive without borrowing. Such (budget padding) should stop, there is no point doing that. ”The former Head of State also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to firm up the ailing economy in order to alleviate the suffering of the masses.

The Nation

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Photos: Kano State Governor Dr Umar Ganduje preside over the weekly executive council meeting

The Executive Governor of Kano State Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR is presiding over the weekly executive council meeting today at the council chambers.

In his opening remarks, His Excellency briefed the council on the APC Governor's meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari which held yesterday at the presidential villa Abuja, where they commended the President on the successes recorded on insecurity in the country as well as fight against corruption. They also expressed their displeasure over the happenings in the National Assembly and promised to step in to resolve the issues.

The Governor also updated the council on a memo he submitted to Mr President on insecurity in Falgore Game Reserve and the need for the federal government to intensify efforts in curtailing bandits and other criminals operating in the reserve, and the Governor's resolve to transform the reserve into a Grazing Reserve. Where he informed the council that the presidency has sent a letter confirming that the issue will be discussed and necessary action will be taken.

Salihu Tanko Yakasai 
DG Media & Communications 
Government House, Kano. 
27th July, 2016.

VP Yemi Osinbajo Receives Award from Muslim Lawyers Association

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo received an award from the Muslim Lawyers Association; presented by Dr Kamal Dauda, the president Muslim Lawyers Association at the presidential villa on Tuesday, July 26.

FRSC responds to an 'embarrassing viral photo'

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has responded to the embarrassing photo that made the rounds on social media last week which showed a vehicle belonging to the agency overloaded with chairs. Below is a statement issued by Asst. Corps Marshal, Kayode Olagunji :


I was the only senator from Kebbi that rejected OBJ's N50m 3rd term bribe- Dep. Senate leader says

 Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has come under attack following his comment yesterday that the recent revelations from alleged budget padding in the House of Representatives confirms his position that the National Assembly is filled with rogues and thieves. Reacting to his comment, deputy Senate leader, Bala Ibn Na’Allah in a statement said he finds Obasanjo's comment reckless and terrifying.

According to him, he was the only senator from Kebbi state that did not collect N50 million that was being shared to senators to amend the constitution for Obasanjo's third term bid

Ambassadorial nominees fail to recite National Anthem correctly

A mild drama played out in the Senate on Tuesday during the screening of Ambassadorial nominees as two of the nominees failed to recite the National anthem and pledge properly.The screening of the nominees commenced today after weeks of delay due to allegations that President Muhammadu Buhari did not comply with federal character in nominating the Ambassadors-designate.The stage was finally set for the important task of screening the nominee-envoys but it came as a surprise when the Chairman of theSenate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, asked the nominee from Anambra State, Vivian Nwunaku Okeke, to recite the national anthem, but she could not as she mixed it up.The same fate befell the nominee from Niger State, Ibrahim Isa, when he was asked by Sen. Sunmonu to recite the National Pledge.A