Thursday, 18 May 2017

Police arrest 36 suspects, recover 420 livestock in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Police Command has arrested 36 suspected criminals and recovered 420 livestock from cattle rustlers in Kaduna.
The Commissioner of Police (CP) Agyole Abeh who disclosed that during  a press conference said  the suspects were involved in different form of crime in the state including rape, armed robbery, solar battery theft, PMS theft, sales of drugs, kidnapping, sodomy and street gangs amongst others.
He said, "The items recover from the cattle rustlers were 420 livestock which were returned to the State government,under  Operation Yaki security outfit in charge of distributing the livestock to the rightful owners.”

"We recover seven locally made AK-47, one locally made pistol with magazine, live ammunition,18 battery of  MTN mask, seven bags of Indian hemp, and many wraps."
He also warns that some people disguise as dignities and go into people houses unsuspected by the guards and rob them in the process and advised residents to be weary of this new device.
The commissioner also said in his bid to mop out the deadly gang group, Sara-suka activities in the state, the purported leader of the gang in the state has been arrested by special squad from the command.
Commenting on the Southern Kaduna crisis , CP Agyole said, "The crises in Southern Kaduna is currently under control as continued dialogue amongst the communities  is  yielding positive result."

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