Monday, 31 July 2017

Shettima: Why we chose dialogue with Arewa coalition'

"The dialogue option was chosen because a political problem often requires a political solution. It is only a fool that doesn't change his mind to review decisions and strategies. There is never a limit to who should be engaged in dialogue no matter what the situation is. After all, even armed conflicts of deaths and destructions often end through dialogue with persons who took up arms against a State. ‎Some people may think the withdrawal of eviction ultimatum by the coalition wouldn't mean so much but to us as leaders and from our experiences, it is always dangerous to underestimate the capacity of any group of youths especially when youths come together and seem determined. 

There are millions of other youths that might have been following and supportive of the activities of the coalition of Arewa groups and as we know, issues relating to ethnicity and religion mostly get out of control. As Northern Governors, we do not take chances on potential violence unless on issues beyond our control" Shettima explained after the Saturday meeting in Kaduna.

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