Monday, 10 July 2017

Kaduna State governments to set the pace for Electronic Voting in Nigeria

Today: The Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission made a presentation before the executive council on Electronic Voting for Local Government elections.

In her presentation, Chairperson of the State Independent Electoral Commission stated that the E-Voting guarantees security and vote integrity. The machines to be used for Local Government elections in Kaduna uses processors, flash memories and other safe electronic components. Electronic voting cuts out blank and void votes, and at the same time ensures faster counting of votes at the end of the voting process. Machines to be used for the Local Government elections have a terminal weight of 5-10KG, hence very easy to transport and has a 16 hours battery life. Venezuela, USA, Philippines, Namibia, Mexico, Haiti, Curaçao, Belgium, Bolivia, and Brazil presently use this system of voting.

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