Monday, 17 July 2017

Read a conversation between Aminu 10 year old boy and Dr Zainab Bagudu during Aisha Buhari's Feeding Program in Shanga, Kebbi state

Aisha Buhari Future Assured Charity organization, reached out to people of Shanga LGA of Kebbi state through the Kebbi state First Lady Dr Zainab Bagudu. A 10 yrs young boy steal the show and find his way to meet the First lady, read the conversation between them as she shared on her social media page below.:

Today after a successful local government election, my team and I made our way to Shanga, a major rice farming town in the Southern part of Kebbi.
We had the task of distributing food items sent to the state by H.E. Haj Aisha Buhari. She does this regularly across the the country without much fanfare. On this occasion she sent us 1000 bags of rice, 1000 bags of beans, 500 cartoons of macaroni and 500 bags of wheat. We split the food into 3 to cover each zone namely North, South and Central. We also gave portions to the Orphanage in Birnin Kebbi and the Amanawa Leprosarium in Kalgo. We do this to ensure we are as impartial as possible. I still hear grumbles but that's fine, one can only try. 

The food might not sound much especially when broken down but it is. Multiply my allocation by 36 and multiply again with a frequency of every 6 months. Divide this by zero allocation to her office. Only then can one appreciate the magnitude of Aisha Buhari's generosity. Most if not all the items are donated to her by the manufacturers and spreads it across as many states as best as she can. I see the value of spreading in many happy faces we give to Young and old, male and female happy faces chanting prayers from their hearts. Like we met today in Shanga and last week in Kamba. We have now become experts in the process.
My security team dread the outings but I feel safe and secure in Kebbi. As I stood up to leave today, a little boy with charged towards me. In the blink of an eye a CID man from my front had jerked him back. From behind me with some karate chops in the air came running 'Kalala', head of my trusted team of boys; (I will tell the story of my 'Yaran Dr' another day). To my side Deborah my Civil Defence lady was yelling as she does at the top of her voice at him to buzz off. Roughly holding another skinny arm of this not more than 10 year old boy was a colorfully dressed man. 
All on this tiny thing. I started screaming too. Leave him alone for Gods sake he's just a child!Kalala was unapologetic,and as always,ready with a sharp answer. Its their type who have bombs strapped on their body in Maiduguri, he said. That was when Aminu spoke and I noticed more about him. His abnormally big head, protruding stomach and most of all his 'SPUNK'. Upon all the reactive and dramatic defence around me, he was still pushing FORWARD, and protesting that he is not Boko haram, 'I am an almajiri and I want to greet her', he said. His confidence was delightful! The colorfully dressed man turned out to be his father! Aminu and I had a little conversation and I gave him what I could. Most importantly, I asked Kalala to bring him to see me in Kebbi at a quiet time so we can attempt to decipher what his medical issues are. Aminu was smiling happily now, but wasn't done. He asked to pray.He prayed for Baba & mama Buhari and after a harshly asked 'who else?????' by Kalala, he prayed for Atiku Bagudu! It never ceases to amaze me passion with which rural people pray for President Buhari.
This is the kind of impact our outreaches have on both me and the people. We set out to feed 200 odd people but I also got the opportunity to change a life. We can choose to remain behind our defence lines and drive off in our jeeps, Or we can stop, look and listen to what is going on around us.
As a mother, I pray that I will always have the empathy to listen and that I will continue to have the opportunity to impact on lives around me. I also pray that my all 'children' will always 'push forward' in their lives with the confidence of Aminu.
Dr Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu, Paediatric Consultant and Founder Medicaid Cancer Foundation

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