Friday, 14 July 2017

We will be Key Players in Wheat, Rice Production Soon - Yobe State Gov. Gaidam

H.E Gov. Gaidam has expressed confidence that Yobe State will soon emerge as one of the major hubs of rice and wheat production in the country.
Speaking during visits to Nguru, Boloram and Mugura Garin Gada - sites of new irrigation schemes set up by his administration - the governor said over a thousand hectares of land are targeted to be cultivated for wheat, rice, maize and other crops in what will involves thousands of farmers across the state.
"With what I have seen so far in the sites I have visited and the concerted effort of the Special Task Force on irrigation, I am confident that we will soon become a major player in rice and wheat production.
"We are targeting thousands of hectares of land in the long term and we will give the Task Force every support it needs to grow and develop these fields. We want to empower our farmers by providing all the initial support they need to become commercial farmers”, he said.

The governor was briefed by the Chairman of the Special Task Force on Irrigation Alhaji Gambomi Goni about technical and construction works currently going on at Nguru Lake and Mugura Garin Gada irrigation sites, especially the construction of canals and intake channels. He was also told that around 120 farmers have already been settled at the Boloram site and that rice production had already started.

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