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Neighbor Chapter 2


My Neighbor Chapter 2

Saturday 16th November, 2016
Not recommended for readers under 17yrs

I found myself pressed against the door, the handle digging into my back. But I didn’t feel it because all my thoughts were focused on Bako, his face buried in my neck, dropping light kisses all the way to my lips.
I knew I would be lost if he kissed me so I averted my face and the kiss fell on my cheek.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, his eyes looking at me searchingly.
“I have to go. It’s getting late.”
“I know you don’t,” he countered. “I know you want me. I see the way you look at me from your window when I’m washing my car. You can’t deny it.”
‘So, he knows’ I thought, trying to wriggle out of his arms but he refused to let go.
“So what if I did! It doesn’t mean anything,” I retorted.
“Sure it does. It shows you fancy me, you want to be with me.”
He was right about that. I wanted him badly, wanted to be in his arms for as long as possible. I felt drawn to him like I had never felt towards any man before.
“My husband, have you forgotten him?”
“Husband? You call that a husband?
Man that leaves you for months all alone in that big house? Who works hundreds of miles away from home far away offshore? If I had a woman like you, I would get a job closer to home,” he rejoined.
Then cupping my face in his hands, he stated softly:
“I see the loneliness in your eyes that you hide behind wide smiles. You can’t fool me Karima. Let me in, to fill in the gap. Please.”
The longing in his eyes, his caressing voices were all too much for me.
To my shock, I broke down in years, my face pressed deep against his chest.
He held me close, speaking soothingly to me.
“It’s ok. Everything’ll be fine. He whispered”
Later, I calmed down a bit and we sat on the couch talking. I spoke about my marriage to Ghaddafi, my husband of six years. How in that time, we had never spent a full month together as a couple.
“His job on an oil rig offshore makes him work for about five (5) months at a stretch with a few weeks break in between. It’s been lonely without my husband by my side. Now, he’s gone, it will be months before I see him again. But what can I do? Whenever I complain, he tells me I knew the type of job he did before I married him.
‘I should leave my job because I’m married to you? Am I the only married man on that rig? Learn to cope or…’ he often said.
“Now, I no longer complain but grin and bear it. He provides me with everything, whatever that money can buy. But the most precious thing to a married woman, a husband’s love, his touch is missing. I’ve laid my bed, I’ve to learn to enjoy the rough bed,” I said, attempting a little smile.
“You know, you can always change the situation if you wish.” His expressive eyes conveyed more than his words did.
I knew what he meant. Much as I desired him, was attracted to him, was I ready to cross that
line? To be unfaithful to my husband?
I got up then and bidding him goodnight, made for the door…

It was about a week later that I saw Bako again. It was late in the evening as he was returning from work.
I had taken some trash outside to the big dustbin outside the fence when he drove up. He horned and I went over to chat.
“How was your day?” he asked, as he got down from the car.
“So-so! The same old boring routine,” I said with a short laugh. With no job and most of the domestic work done by my maid, I had a whole lot of time on my hands.
“you know am just a block away, you can always count on me on anything” He had opened the gate and was about entering the car to drive into the compound.
I walked behind the car and helped him shut the gate.
Inside, I flipped through a magazine while he was upstairs changing his clothes.
He returned wearing shorts and a brown police wear shirt, bearing some magazines with him.
“I see you love reading. Here” He offered them to me. “So, what’ll you like? Tea, coke, you name it?”
I settled on Tea while he took a chilled Coke.
Maybe it was the Tea for I felt relaxed, not so tensed up as I had been feeling for some days.
“How come I’ve never seen your fiancé here?” I asked him some time later. He had told us he was engaged when he moved in newly.
“Ex-fiancé. We broke up.”
“Sorry about that.”
He shrugged.
“It’s one of those things. I believe it’s for the best. Nazira and I were not really compatible. We were operating on different wave lengths; so we kept clashing. It would have been a disaster if we had married,” he said.
“So, what kind of lady do you really like?”
He got up to stand in front of me.
“You really want to know?” he asked. Then taking the glass from my hand, he drew me up.
He led me to the mirror at a corner of the room and staring keenly at me said:
“That’s her. My type of woman” I smiles.
Then he turned me round and his hands began to caress my arms before slipping inside my blouse, his warm fingers on the soft flesh of my belly sending tingles of ecstasy all over me. It was as if my body, that had been cold for so long had suddenly come alive at his touch.
“Bako, what are you doing?” I protested. But even to my ears, it sounded weak. His touch made me feel weak with longing as well as if I had no energy left in me.
But his mouth on mine shut me up and picking me up, took me to the couch.
I should have resisted him, but I was powerless. I could not hold out any longer, this intense desire I felt for him.
So, I drew him to me and returned his caresses and kisses, my hands running freely over his exquisite body that I had been ogling for so long.
We made love right there on the couch before we went up to his bedroom where I remained till nearly midnight…

The story continues insha Allah on Saturday 19th November 
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