Saturday, 18 March 2017

We’re not responsible for President Buhari’s failing health, says Shittes

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Shiites have condemned Muhammadu Buhari’s condition of health, resulting to his flying out of the country to seek medical treatment.
The Shiites’ condemnation came on the heels of allegation by the sect that government agents wanted to clamp down on the IMN again. According to a statement by the spokesman of IMN, Mallam Ibrahim Musa yesterday, “there are credible reports and clear indications that point to deliberate attempts at unleashing mayhem and brutality on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) especially in Kano and other towns.”
Besides, Musa explained that, “we have also observed the efforts being made in certain quarters to instigate an all-out attack on IMN members in the image of Zaria massacre of December 2015”, saying that last week Friday, some unscrupulous people peddled rumours about unfounded claims that members of the IMN were displeased with the return of the President from medical vacation in London.”

He said: “Some went as far as to allege that he was indeed poisoned or charmed or even possessed by our members. The wicked intent was to incite hate and violence against IMN nationwide. This was indeed attempted in vain in very many towns in Northern Nigeria.”
Musa remarked that “recognising this sinister plot, members of the IMN deliberately refused to be provoked and dragged into the mud”, stressing, “ for instance, the planned attack on worshipers at Fagge Juma’at mosque in Kano last week was foiled as IMN members responsibly refused to be lured into the wicked plots that would have caused the death of innocent people.”
He said: “The activities of the various arms of the Nigerian security apparatus since the brutal Zaria massacre of December, 2015 have left no one in doubts as to what the ultimate objectives are. We have noticed a recent escalation of plots towards attaining those hidden targets”.
Musa further argued that “the most recent comments by the Federal Government through its Ministry Of Foreign Affairs cannot be taken in isolation”, noting “when viewed against the backdrop of recent plots to either invade or attack many of the IMN centres in Sokoto, Katsina, Jos and Kano, it would be clear that there is an upsurge of devilish schemes to forcibly repress members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria through a grand plot to massively attack IMN across the country at the slightest opportunity.”
“Not too long ago, a leaked audio recording of a meeting with some notable Wahabi clerics quoted the Kano State governor, Ganduje as telling his audience that he and his government had given the order for the brutal clampdown against IMN members in Kano last October, which claimed the life of tens of innocent citizens. Several dozen others including women and children were maimed and bundled into an illegal detention till this moment”.
“We, therefore, hold him responsible for the bloodshed in Kano. As a matter of fact, we know that most recently a special unit of the Nigerian army has been sent to Kano, in what they termed ‘an attempt to finish off what the Police couldn’t accomplish’ in wiping out members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Kano axis.”
Musa continued: “Undoubtedly, those behind Zaria massacre are hell bent on extending it to other places, in particular Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, Jos, Bauchi and other places with the tacit approval of the various state governments. Bereft of justification, especially with the independent rights organisations exposing their misdeeds and in the light of their recent losses at the courts, the government appears to once again believe that only violence against the IMN will do”.

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