Sunday, 2 July 2017

Kaduna state Quality Assurance Board trains 138 facilitators, head teachers for quality teaching

The Kaduna State Quality Assurance Board has trained 68 quality facilitators while another 70 headteachers from the three senatorial districts of the state will be trained on effective school, class and teacher management.
The Executive Director of the board, Maureen Wyom, disclosed this, explaining that the training aims at ensuring quality teaching, learning and management of primary and secondary schools in the state. The effort she also said seeks to instill effective teaching skills in the head teachers and how to engage stakeholders for schools development in the state.
According to her, the 68 facilitators will be responsible for the training of evaluators that will evaluate the quality of teaching and learning in public and private schools in the state.
She further noted that the training focuses on three components including quality of provisions, impact of leadership and the learning outcome.

"Our goal is to enhance quality of teachers as well as the quality of leadership in our various schools because most of the leaders do not know why they are made headmasters or principals. So, the training seeks to enlighten them on what is expected of them and for them to know that their duty is not just to sit down in the office and be directing teachers but to ensure that the teachers are effective in discharging their duties while learners are learning and the school is well managed," she said noting that the learners are the main focus during school evaluation to ensure quality.
"When we go out for evaluation, our major concern is usually whether the pupils and students are learning? Are they acquiring skills? If they are not, then something is wrong. Is the curriculum meeting the learners’ needs? Is the learning environment conducive? Are the learners being supported and encouraged? Is the leadership of the school working with relevant stakeholders?
Our desire is to ensure that pupils and students acquire the necessary skills in primary and secondary schools that will prepare them for advance study," she stressed.

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