Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Senate lambasts Kogi Attorney-General Over Recall of Dino Melaye

*Links Recall To State Government.
Senate on Tuesday lambasted the Attorney-General of Kogi State, Ibrahim Sanni Mohammed for saying that the upper legislative chamber has no role to play in the process of recall.
Senate lashing follows a Point of Order from Deputy President Presisent, Ike Ekweremadu where he drew Senate attention to paid advertorials by the State Attorney advising Kogi State government against the position of the Senate on the recall of Senator Dino0 Melaye.
Ekweremadu had last week asked Senate not to disturb itself over the planned recall; adding that he doubts if the "Attorney-General of Kogi State has not advised them properly, if he (attorney-General) had done that, I am sure they would have applied their time to more meaningful venture in the state. The process of recall is equivalent of impeachment of executive", he said.

In a swift reply contained in paid advertorial in 5 National dailies, the Kogi State Attorney-General debunked claims that Kogi government was behind the recall process, pointing out that the exercise was by people of Kogi West.
The Attorney-General citing sections 69 of the constitution also argues that contrary to Ekweremadu's position, Senate has no role in the recall process.
Ekweremadu is irked by the attorney's interpretation of the constitution citing section 68(2) which he said the chief legal officer in Kogi had carefully dodged or was completely ignorant of.
He wonders where the attorney went to law school and why Kogi state should hire an attorney who could not interprete what he said is clearly stated in the constitution.
Speaking, Senate President, Bukola Saraki noted that the defense put up in the advertorial by the attorney General clearly links him and the state government to the plan to recall Melaye.

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