Friday, 9 December 2016

Buhari agrees to new date for Zahra’s wedding to Ahmed Indimi

The postponed wedding ceremony of President Muhammad Buhari’s daughter Zahra to oil tycoon, Ahmed Indimi, has been re-scheduled for December 16, 2016, a close family source has confirmed
The source disclosed that President Muhammad Buhari has agreed to the new date after persuasion from friends and family.
“The wedding will hold on the new date as approved by the president.  The two families have agreed to the new date. I am not sure there will be any postponement on this occasion,” the source said.
Another source further noted that the president was uncomfortable with the media attention the wedding generated.

According to this source, “The president wants a low-key wedding for his daughter.  He was not comfortable with the type of stories that were published about the wedding, especially on the money spent or gifts given to his daughter. The country is in a period of recession and it will be unfair for media to be quoting millions for the wedding of the president’s daughter,”
The source further stated that the Indimi family agreed to keep publicity regarding the wedding to the barest minimum
“The Indimis have deleted every post about the wedding on their social media platforms. Zahra and her husband-to-be are also not posting anything about it for now,” he added.
Zahra Buhari also drove the point home with a post on her Instagram page which read "Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things." - Khalil Gibran
Mohammed Indimi the groom’s father is one of the billionaires and oil moguls in Nigeria with tremendous growth in the oil and gas sector and he sits on several boards of several booming business in the country. He is also an in-law of former Nigerian president, Ibrahim Babangida.
Recall that an introduction ceremony between both families had earlier held at the Aso Villa, Abuja on Friday, November 18, with the wedding programme scheduled between Wednesday 30th November and Sunday 4th December, 2016.
Ahmed, is the marketing director of Oriental energy resources and hails from Borno.
In August 2013, Ahmed showed off his account balance of $99,864,731 on Instagram which trended on social media.
The good looking fiancé attended Global International College in Lagos for his degree foundation program. He completed his Degree in Information Technology at the American InterContinental University, in Atlanta, USA.
He proceeded to complete an MBA in Internet Security at the same Institution where he served as the treasurer of the Student Union Government at the London Campus

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