Thursday, 15 December 2016

"Government funds were not used to pay for Zahra Buhari's wedding" - Presidency

 Garba Shehu, official Spokesperson to the President Buhari, is insisting that government funds were not used to pay for Zahra Buhari's wedding to Ahmed Indimi, the son of an oil billionaire. In a statement released this afternoon, Shehu insists that the President's family and personal aides paid the wedding bill. The statement reads:

"Zahra Muhammadu Buhari's wedding to Ahmed Mohammed Indimi starting today is a celebrity event to savor any day. Much as the family wants to make their daughter happy they, however, will not make it a royal wedding. 
The President's family is trying hard to keep it as simple as possible. Wedding Lalle, Fatiha, lunch event for the men and dinner for the women who must have come from far and near and the bride heads to her husband! In a rare twist, the President asked to be given the bill for the food at the banquet. Government, he said, has no business paying for that."

This should be treated as private. His family and personal aides put the money together to foot the bill. No government money in invitation cards, souvenirs or Aso-Ebi. That's essential Buhari for you!!"

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