Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Benue 2019: Run, Samuel Ortom Run Again! By Elijah Fave

When I put u the product for sale in the public domain recenty  going by the billboard (in picture here) mounted at the entrance of the IBB Square Makurdi, I was nearly lynched.

I took time to explain myself and verily, many believed me that I am a true progressive from the APP, ANPP, AC, ACN and now APC and will never succumb to a plate of pottage no matter how hungry.

The response was that we will be labouring in vain no matter the level of marketing my party (APC) will do to  the candidacy of Samuel Ortom who they call a petty thief and that we have a rotten product and liability that will not fly.

I was confronted with details of how Samuel Ortom has traded out Benue state and it will take close to 40 years to upset the debt burden running well over N60billion within a span of two years.

One of the discussants referred me to the administration Blue Print tagged: Our Collective Vision for a Better Benue where Samuel Ortom, according to him, lied that with N200 billion in four years, he will turn Benue state to a better place to be.

I was better informed of how Samuel Ortom dumped Guma in connivance with the press who sang praised without tangible projects on the ground.

According to my informants, Ortom is now stealing and pilfering the Benue treasury  blind with the collaboration of the church.

Homogous amount of money from the monthly federation accruals, local and international borrowings, the Bailout and Internally Generated Revenue, I was told, has been diverted to the Oracle Business Conglomerate located at the Industrial Layout along Makrdi-Naka road while the state suffers.

I was also told of how the man messed up the Ministry of Aviation where he was privileged to oversee the ministry and how he has insisted that a host of old and expired women who had an affiliation with him are compensated as local government chairpersons.

The consensus was that APC should not concede the 2019 governorship ticket to an non-performing person like Ortom who will go buying governorship forms from the Ahmadu Sherrif led PDP, SDP, APGA, DPN and the host of other political parties like he did in 2015.

I also reasoned with the current.

My advice to the leadership and membership of the ORIGINAL APC therefore is that we should start the process of searching for a credible governorship alternative ahead of 2019 because, with a sharp Card-Reader, Samuel Ortom will NOT sell.

Elijah Fave is an original member of the APC and writes from Mbakyor ward, Kwande LGA, Benue State.

He can be reached on: 08099124299

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