Thursday, 29 June 2017

Five Suicide Bombers Die In Failed Attack On Maiduguri

Five suicide bombers on Tuesday night attempted to attack Mammanti village, around Jiddari Polo area of the Maiduguri metropolis.

Soldiers in conjunction with the Civilian Joint Task Force Jiddari Polo found the dead bodies of the suicide bombers when a loud explosion was heard while on patrol.

According to the Civilian JTF, during the patrol, dead bodies of five suicide bombers, two male and three females were discovered about four Kilometers ahead of Mammanti village. One of the bodies was mutilated following a detonated Improvised Explosive Device while others were still fresh with injuries and IEDs strapped on their bodies.

The Civilian JTF also disclosed their target was supposedly Maiduguri Metropolis, but one of the IEDS exploded which killed all five suicide bombers before they could infiltrate thetown.

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