Saturday, 24 June 2017

Eid-El-Fitr: Umar Nasco calls for unity, understanding among ethnic groups

EID- El-FITR....
The time has yet come again for those of us whom Allah (swt) has spared their lives to say Alhamdullillah!  'Taqabbal ALLAHU minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and us). It is commonly used to greet during eid after Ramadan fasting month.

We have forgone our desires in obedience to the service of Almighty Allah, for this period we have built friendship, we forgave, we have avoided sins, we have kept calm and we held on to prayers, that is the right way to go even after the Ramadan fast.

I pray Allah (swt) will reward us abundantly, bless our parents and forgive the dead.

My fellow Nigerians, Let this Ramadan be reason for a new vista of development for ourselves, our communities, state and nation. Let it be the reason we shelve the tantrums of war and divisive tendencies that has beclouded a very promising nation of ours, it is hard to believe that my friend Nnamdi will want me to apply for a visa before I can visit him in Abakaliki, or Tobechukwu from Arochukwu having to go through same to visit me in Nasko.

Let us break down that barrier, breakdown the wall of division, breakdown the thought, nations are only mental divisions, in the sight of God we are all one in humanity.

The world is going global, commerce has globalized, that Chinese now produce clothes for Italians, Americans produce for Nigerians and Nigerians produce for Africans, bridges are built to connect each other, communications is now easy, we are better off as global citizens instead of tribal champions and local heroes.

From this EID-el-fitr, I call on all gladiators to tow the channel of peace, withdraw ultimatums, cease hate speeches, be fair to each other and allow for the nation to grow, this goes more to the political class, who use these divisions to pursue or further their aspirations, feather their nest and grow their families, imagine a war in Nigeria and imagine the victims, whose interest will that serve? big Nations will supply guns, poor citizens will die, rich persons will fly abroad with their families and  everything will stagnate, isn't it clear to all that those who fan the embers of war aren't resident among us, we have nowhere to go other than where we live and we will not "burn it down" this is my EID-el-fitr declaration

It might be imperative that a review of our system could be looked at either through restructuring or strengthening the federating units especially the local governments but piecemeal disintegration of the Nation is only a precursor for weakness.

Let our differences unite us under one Nation.

Happy Eid-el-fitr to muslims across the world

Umar Nasko,
Jarman Kontagora.

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