Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Emir Sanusi tasks parents on responsibilities

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II has charged parents to always shoulder their responsibilities in order to ensure proper up-bringing of their children.
He gave the charge in a remark when the United Nations Children Education Fund’s (UNICEF) representative in Nigeria Mohammed Malick Fall paid him a courtesy visit in his palace.
He blamed various social vices bedeviling the society on poor parentage, saying about three million out of school children were hawking on the streets due to ignorance of their parents on their responsibilities.
‘’For you to have kids you must make sure that the responsibility of their education, health, and general up-bringing both morally and otherwise, are part and parcel of what a parent should do’’ the emir explained.
He said, “It is not only giving birth to the child that matters, but how to take your responsibility as a parent to bring-up that child to grow and benefit the society in general. If people are aware of this they will not even have many kids that they know they cannot take care of.
“Everyday in this palace people come with a lot of problems that have to do with child abuse. There are a lot of kids on the street hawking, there a lot of kids some of them destroyed by the society, certainly the problem still revolves around parents not taking good care of the children if the parents are there, all these things should have been reduced’’ he added.
“Change is always difficult in every society not only in Kano or Nigeria alone but the world at large. Once you want to bring change, especially that has to do with old tradition, you will always have resistance from the society, but that will never discourage me in my drive towards change.”
He called on various stake-holders including the Ulamas, technocrats, students and youth leaders to support and promote his developmental initiatives for the good of the general society.
The UNICEF’ representative, commended the emir over his visionary leadership and advocacy on issues relating to children especially girl-child education. 
He asked for the prayer and support of the royal father to enable him succeeds as the country’s UNICEF representative.

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