Thursday, 8 June 2017

Northern CAN Condemns Threat- Rev. Joseph Hayab

Also, the Northern Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) yesterday condemned the call by some Northern youth groups for Igbos to leave the region.
The condemnation is contained in a press statement issued  by the Public Relations Officer of the association, Rev. Joseph Hayab.
CAN noted that it was very sad to read that some shortsighted and ignorant groups from the region were calling on Igbos to leave the North before October.
“Such call is evil and a threat to national security and unity. Leaders of these groups and their sponsors should be arrested immediately. Which North do they claim to be speaking for and making these evil threat? We are Northerners and can not recall any meeting where such decisions were taken”, it stated.
The statement noted tht CAN would never support or encourage anyone to champion such evil idea.
“What our country needs today is unity for progress not threat from people who don’t know and understand the positive contribution and sacrifice our parents made to keep this country to this level”, the association added.

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