Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Uwazuruike, Ango Abdullahi meet in Zaria, pledge to end AREWA-Igbo dispute

The  Movement  for the Actualisation  of the Sovereign  State of Biafra (MASSOB)  has  sought the support of  the  Northern Elders Forum to  end  what it called the imminent collapse of  peaceful co-existence in  Nigeria,  following  recent  quit notice issued to Igbo’s to leave Northern states by  Coalition of Arewa Youth.
The leader of the Movement, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, told  the  Spokesman of the Forum , Prof. Ango  Abdullahi,  in his farm House  in Zaria  that  the prevailing situation in the country was worrisome and uncalled for.
According to him, the  action and  the position of the Northern Elders on the matter is  too  sensitive to the solution of the crises.
“ We observed that there was communication gap  between  Arewa  people and Igbo’s Community especially the leaders.The Igbo have been living together with Northerners  interns of business and commerce  for long time, but  the  concern of MASSOB is basically on Peaceful  co-existence of Igbo’s in the North’’.
Uwazuruike, said  though the agitation of MASSOB was for self determination of Igbo’s sovereign nation, “but we  have never opt for violence to  deny  other people rights of existence in  any Igbo’s community  or  supporting assault against any tribe or ethnic group’’.
The MASSOB leader  described the quit notice and position  of the Northern Elders Forum  as an indication of  serious misunderstanding and lack  correct information’s provided by the various interest groups  which  can be resolved  through  meetings  and dialogue .
“ We are here today to sought the Elderly support  from  Northern Elders which we have confident that Your forum can resolved the issue by people  from imminent state of uncertainty’’.
He said that MASSOB  was supporting  any genuine cause  that would ginger the development of the people  and therefore, urged Nigerian to  view the agitation as  positive towards uniting its people rather than causing Violence .
Responding, the spokesman of the  Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi ,  thanked the MASSOB delegation for the visit and  assured them that he would  present the matter before official  members of the forum for  deliberation,  consideration and possible review of  crises approach.
“ I wouldn’t  want  to give an automatic assurance, but we believe in Justice and fairness, as Elders , our role is to correct anomalies  through mediation and consultations’’.
Ango  blamed Nigeria crises to the selfish interest of elite who  had steer the leadership of the country after  Awolowo, Sardauna and Azikwe“ You could recall the traumatic experience of Nigerians after  founding fathers, especially Civil war and its consequence as well as how issues and administration of country was mismanaged  by  some leaders’’.
He said that their  Focus  in the Forum was Nigeria  development not individual or sectional bias“ I personally, support that any Nigerian or group  has the  right to asked for whatever he want peacefully, especially after living in the country for 100 or  60 years without any  significant achievement , that is why I support the creation of Biafra republic if  the situation warrant’’.
“ After all  other countries  like Indian  after independence of 1948 , Pakistan, and later Bangladesh were created. Other countries in Europe and Asia had similar experience, What is wrong if Igbo said they want their Nation,? But that has to be achieved through peaceful means not violence’’.

He  said that until now,  Northern Nigeria  was  the most peaceful  interns of resistance to violence, Tolerance,  co-existence  and compromised as such , We  ought to have respect and dignity’’.
Earlier, the Former ADC to  Gen.  Sani Abacha , Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, told chieftain that their meeting with MASSOB had resolved  to engaged  Northern Youth  groups in  proposed  special meeting  to achieve lasting solution to the problems.
Al-Mustapha said his intervention in the  crises  was to  personally demonstrate  concerned  for the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria which he said  was being threatened by the negligence of  some leaders.
“ I strongly believed that with the  influence , respect and wealth of experience of the Northern Elders Forum, especially Prof. Ango Abdullahi, the crises that heat the nation would be  over henceforth’’.
He appealed to all stakeholders to resort to peace for the benefit of the country.
The MASSOB Leader was accompanied by Prominent Igbo Chiefs from South –East and Abuja,  include,Dr. Nwosu Ibe, the Ozebe of Abuja, ,Dr Jud Ejefobari, Eze Dr Remond Nwosu and Aze Nwabala as well as Clericks and Politicians.

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