Wednesday, 27 September 2017

‘My Husband Never Feeds Me’, Divorce Seeking Housewife Tells Sharia Court Minna

In Niger state- A housewife, Hafsat Mohammed, has pleaded with a Sharia Court in Minna to dissolve her marriage because her husband does not provide food in the house.
Mohammed told the court that her husband, Isah Gimba, spends his money on intoxicants rather than take care of the home.
“My husband doesn’t provide food in our house, instead any little money he gets he spends it on things that will intoxicate him.
“The hardship he subjects me to in his house is too much for me, I can’t bear it any more.
“That is why I am pleading with this honourable court to help me out of this hardship by ending the marriage,” she said. Gimba, however, denied his wife’s allegations, saying he was trying his best to put food on the table for her.

He maintained that he still loved his wife and would not want them to go their separate ways.
The judge, Ahmed Bima, advised the couple to give peace a chance and settle their differences with patience and understanding.
He adjourned the case until Oct. 9 to give room for both parties to reconcile their differences

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